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Good morning all! Hope you’ve had a great week. Chilly here today. The cold temps have returned to Ontario, and I’m extremely bummed about it. We got a touch of spring and Mother Nature has taken it away again.

As always, every blog post is from my pov and my take on how things work/don’t work in my writing/my career. This week, I want to talk about characters. I’ve always been a believer, since I read my first Nora Roberts way back, that the characters are what drive stories. The characters are the heart and soul of the story and good writing, not the plots. It’s Roarke & Eve from JD Robb’s “In Death” series that keep me coming back. Harry, Hagrid, Hermoine & Ron kept me coming back to the Harry Potter saga. And even movies … It is Dominic Toretto & Brian Connor that have kept me returning to the Fast & Furious franchise. As well as John McClane that has me watching Die Hard twice a year.

Whenever I start to get ready to write a story, it isn’t the outline I spend more time on, it’s the character spreadsheet. I need to know what drives the H/H. Their occupation, their childhood problems that have followed into adulthood, where they met their BFFs, what were some hobbies. Plus what their parents were like, what kind of music and movies they like and what they collect as a hobby. Some of the answers to these questions may never make it into every story, but it gives me a much better sense of who I am writing. I want to know everything about them that I possibly can, as well as what brings those secondary characters into their stories. For me, the more I know, the more I have to build on.

In knowing the above, it gives me a better understanding as to what the angst/trouble/struggle is for the characters. And sometimes it’s the minute details that can become a barrier for me as I write, possibly hitting a roadblock, and the only way I can get through it is to know things about my characters – mainly to become a better writer IMO – which readers may never see. Every story has hurdles for the characters; it is never smooth sailing, so the journey, and overcoming those feats make for some great writing. I also learn what the characters determination/motivation is and where it comes from. Having the insight to what each character needs and wants, and the way that s/he will go about obtaining everything is something I need to know from the beginning. Things will shift and change a bit as I write but it gives me a starting point. It also gives me a direction to go with the characters, their arc, and how it evolves from page to page. The heroine may start off as a quiet, button-up librarian or teacher at the beginning of the story, but the hope is that she evolve into a spitfire bombshell comfortable in her own skin by the end.

No information is too much for me. Everything that matters to my characters matters to me. They make the story, I just write their journey onto the screen/paper. Some authors are probably reading this thinking I’m off my rocker and saying to just sit and write, and that’s fine, but everyone’s process is different. I go where the characters lead me and their openness in the beginning makes it much easier to write the story, as well as understand their reasons and motives for whatever happens.

It makes for a better writing relationship as well.


Until next week,

Happy Writing.

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Waiting to Exhale #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)


Good morning all. I hope you’ve had a great week. We’ve had snow in our part of Ontario, Canada this past week. Not a lot but to see it already was depressing. I’m a winter baby and I dislike the season with a passion. But yes, I do still live in Canada. LOL  It is home after all.

This week, I’m an author who is waiting to exhale. I’m sure y’all are curious as to what I mean by that. My expression of waiting to exhale is the submission process. That sometimes long wait to hear back from a publisher you’ve submitted your story to. I’m there. Have been there many, many times, and currently in that state over this past week.

So, you’ve written your story and polished it until it’s so shiny you need sunglasses, agonized over the blurb and dreaded synopsis, then submitted to the publisher. The wait time (turnaround time) varies with each publisher. With Evernight Publishing they have a projection of twelve weeks. I have never had to wait that long. As the publisher has grown it is a reasonable time allotted and makes perfect sense. I’ve been lucky with EP that I have never waited longer than 5-7 days. The shortest was a few hours later! I liked that one. LOL Evernight rocks so much! But it is still a bit like holding one’s breath – not literally of course hahahaha – but time slows down and fingers get tired hitting refresh on email all the time. With another publisher, who I won’t name because they are going out of business and who shall not be named (I’d rather say Lord Voldemort more than I wanna name this publisher ever again), and they were an dreadful time frame of nearly six months to hear back after a submission. I will say however once I got my first acceptance there, I was able to then submit directly to my editor and I had responses within twenty-four hours. I know a few publishers current time frame is on par with Evernight Publishing’s twelve weeks, and up to sixteen weeks.

Every publisher has a different timeline, most taking weeks to hear back from, and you’re waiting and waiting some more to hear back about your golden story…what do you do now? Well, for all authors they have a different approach to things. I know a couple authors who won’t write a thing until they hear back from the publisher(s). OMG! IMO, this is a bad idea. If you sit and do nothing until you hear back, this is valuable writing time lost. Poof. Gone forever. I try to immediately jump right back into the next book in my plan. Not to say I haven’t taken a day or two off after submitting a book. I, like others I know, will have a relaxing couple days – a spa day, cleaning the house that’s been neglected while slaving over a story (not really relaxing for some but I do), going to visit a friend or two, taking the kids to a movie, etc. – but most authors don’t waste much time diving into new characters/stories.

It is so important to have patience in this business. I’m a person who likes to be in control and when a publisher has one of my stories, and I’m waiting patiently for a yes or no, it’s hard not being in control of the situation. It is all a part of the process though and I can only wait with baited breath – and wait to exhale. I’m on day five of the current wait to hear back about my latest finished story, but I do have enough to keep me busy. And I have another book at the last couple check points in my list to do before submitting it to the same publisher. *g*

But when that response from the publisher arrives, I’ll be hitting refresh on the email every hour, shaking in my slippers, and waiting to exhale.

And Waiting to Exhale actually is one of my all-time favorite movies. Have a peek at the title song from that movie, to put a sweet spin on everything. And who doesn’t want to hear Whitney sing?



Until next week,

Happy Writing!!!

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Not always according to plan #SatisfactionSaturday @AuthorMoira


I’ve hijacked Kacey Hammell’s spot – and there’s nothing you can do about it!

Just kidding. Due to a real life situation Kacey had to take today off from her usual posting spot here on Naughty Quills, so in I step which means you get a double dose of Moira Callahan. I know, it’s mildly scary for me as well. Since this is an unplanned post I’m going to go off the cuff. Strap in, hang on tight, and remember to ensure you keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times. So I give unto you, my take on #SatisfactionSaturday…

Crazy Expectations vs. Reality

As an author our lives are a balancing act, not always the most stable one either. For many, new and established, we have day jobs to pay the bills, family, friends, meetings, appointments, various other commitments, and general real life turmoil that takes us away from our true passion – our writing. On top of all that is the need to maintain a public presence on social media.

MatchPoint NYC image

MatchPoint NYC image

My biggest piece of advice is to, from day one, be 100% totally honest with people. While they may not be able to recall everything you ever tell them, at least if you’ve put it out there then you’ve done your part. For example most people know I work a full-time job that pays my bills, keeps a roof over my head, and food on the table. My writing, while my passion and my much preferred career path, isn’t enough (yet) to make it my sole source of income. Though I do have a dream that one day, oh one day…

When things went to shit in a rusted out bucket at the day job I put that out there as well. No specifics, but I made sure my reader/fan base knew that my writing would suffer and the books would slow down for a while until everything was figured out. While I’m still figuring things out it is getting better, and my writing time is getting longer, and more frequent once again. Not where I truly want it – yet – but we’re getting there.

I figure that as long as I keep the conversation realistic, and fact filled then the readers/fans will understand that while they wish for a next book tomorrow, sadly it’s not happening no matter how I wish it would. Until they invent a way for us authors to write while we’re asleep, we all need to keep everything balanced so we don’t run ourselves, and thereby make our writing suffer, ragged. You are no good to your muse, to your art, to your career if you are not first and foremost taking care of yourself. Recharge those batteries however works for you. Your writing, and your readers will thank you. So too will your editor but really, I like the idea of occasionally driving them a little crazy.

There you have it. Thank you for reading today’s unplanned post. Now I’m off to do my usual posting for tomorrow. Have a great Saturday, a fabulous weekend, and to all my Canadian friends, readers, family, and fans – Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

XO Moira Callahan

And because Kacey suggested some hot pix’s… I give you some hot pix!
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Where There’s a Will There’s a Way #SatisfactionSaturday #Writing (@KaceyHammell)


Good morning everyone, Kacey here to wish you a Happy Saturday and Happy October 1st! Boy, the year is flying by isn’t it?! Leaves are changing color, the mornings are chilly and the country is gorgeous dressed in fall and/or Halloween decorations.

I believe I’ve posted in the past about never giving up on your writing. Never giving up on YOU, the author. It is something that always needs reiterating in my opinion. It’s so easy to fall down the rabbit hole of writing woes.  Writing woes such as not being inspired, not never-give-up-quotes-6writing a word fora  week or month, having no characters battling for your attention. I’ve had a year of that. Health wise and struggling with two works in progress that stalled more than once and made me question everything. Now, some authors will say “there’s no excuse for not writing” or “if you want to write you will make time”. I get what they are saying and for the most part I agree, but what the hell does an author do when nothing is clicking, health is poor, family matter (which take precedent) drain you to the point you have nothing left to give your writing…

You do what is best for YOU. And you write 10 words a day, which the next may lead to 20, etc., and by the end of the week, you could be up to 200 a day. Don’t be disappointed with yourself!! Those are still words. They may not be the masterpieces you think they should be but they are still words. Keep focused and give yourself time to clear you head, write some poetry, write a blog post, write a terrible short story that a publisher will never see.

This year I did all the above with two stories and I’m happy to say they’re both done, and one has just recently been accepted by a publisher! (can’t say more than that because the paperwork hasn’t been signed yet). When one book stalled, it took me a while to realize I was spending too much time and angst on it before I started another story. I have never worked on 2 stories at once before. It was something I never understood other authors liondoing. Too many voices, too many antagonists, too much to deal with. However, doing so pushed me through some hard times and big hurdles to jump over. I will be forever grateful to my hubs for talking me off the ledge and convincing me that sitting on one story for months and not writing a word, wasn’t getting anything accomplished. He convinced me to ditch my preconceived notions of not writing two stories at once and … well, he was right. But don’t ever tell him that!! LOL

Now with two stories done, the 2nd near ready to be sent to a publisher, I’m reminded that I’m the maker of my career and the only one to control how things progress. I wanted to give up so many times. I’ll be honest, there were more tears over not writing than what I shed a couple days ago when I received the yes from the publisher. Only writers will understand this, but my soul ached not succeeding in daily word counts, how long it took to write 2 stories. I felt like a failure, that I shouldn’t be writing, and that it was a career that I’d run my course with already.

My father always said “Where there’s a will there’s a way” (and it wasn’t because “will” and “way” were family names either! LOL). He always told me that determination and pushing through every obstacle is the only way to make it in life. But one never, ever gives up. And he was right. No matter what stands in our way, we have to break through it, stomp on it, set it on fire and move on. We can never give up. Not on ourselves or our characters.

I know there are many aspiring authors, and seasoned vets, who are struggling with a story, a world they’re building or feeling defeated if they receive a rejection from a publisher. But do not give up. I’ve said it before in posts but it needs to be said again so other writers who stumble upon Naughty Quills can read that where there’s a will there’s a way. Never give up and never succumb to the despair or hopelessness you may feel. If you want something bad enough then fight for it. But remember to take the time for yourself while you’re struggling. Clear the mind and soul, then continue to fight like hell for that story. Never give up on it.



Until next week, always keep writing!

Kacey (2)

Pinterest…The Creative Time Suck #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)



Good morning everyone! Happy Saturday!

Kacey here, all mended and happier than I was last week! The cold I never thought would end finally did and I can breathe again!

This week, it’s a laid back kind of day with normal stuff happening with writing — am in the middle of a WIP that I’m loving and can’t wait til I write “The End” — and I with a crazy week finally over, I thought it best to share something taht is fun and while time-consuming (addicting!!!) it is also a great site to play around in.

PINTEREST …pinterest

As I said, it can be addictive. I am sure many already know of the site, but some authors may not know of the usefulness it can be too.

Pinterest has everything from recipes to crafts to wedding ideas to gorgeous architect photos, hot men, smokin’ hot ladies and some great inspirational photos for the writer of spicier and naughtier tales.

With each story I write, well the last 4-5, I make a board with pictures that inspire the current WIP. From rooms that I embellish a bit in my stories, to clothing of all my characters, to cars they drive, occupations they have, and the images of each one (ie: actors, actresses, models, calendar guys/gals, every day average people that I might catch a glimpse of a photo online).

I find a lot of inspiration to navigate my way through a story, images that come to life before my eyes and leap from my imagination onto  the screen. It lends to creativity and helps with the sometimes struggle of those minute details with setting, characteristics, intricacies of various locales, buildings, cars, etc.

Here are a few of my story boards that I have done…
Direct link to all my boards— I have many boards about many things. Wish I had more time to fill all the boards completely, but hey, I have to write too!! *g*

Guarding Midnight

Miscellaneous Writer Stuff

WIP 1 — younger man/older woman story

WIP 2 — Sequel to Guarding Midnight

And my fellow Naughty Quills’ boards…
Ravenna’s Pinterest
Doris’s Pinterest
April’s Pinterest
Raven’s Pinterest

{Be sure to follow us! *g*}

As you can see, there are many category/options that people look for. And different ways each author will compile their inspiration.

And authors can also make Amazon/bookseller boards … I have for Amazon for instance. The pinning option on some bookstores is available on each book page, and makes sharing easy.

And while I offer all writers a safe place to go and gather inspirational photos, create stories within these boards and venture off into other menial things, please use your time wisely! And don’t shoot the messenger when you become so obsessed with finding every cute kitten or puppy, every hot man and woman on Pinterest!! I only offer wonderful and happy suggestions LOL

Use it as a tool to CREATE! Have fun and keep those words flowing! Whatever helps, right?


Until next week,
Happy Pinning!!

Kacey (2)

Keep the Writing Fresh (@KaceyHammell) #SatisfactionSaturday #Writing



Good morning all.
Kacey here and I hope everyone has had a fabulous week!

Today it’s all about new and fresh writing. I’ve seen reviews recently where the readers point out that it’s the “same ole, same ole” stories being written by the same authors. Unfortunately, I’ve seen this myself personally. Some authors, many prolific ones for example, seem to think readers are idiots. Readers can spot mistakes and overused, contrite plots a mile away. And they especially dislike characters who have been rinsed and repeated.

What does that mean exactly?

Taking characters, especially ones in a series, and making them the same as the book before. Book 2 hero shouldn’t be described much the same as the hero in book 1. He shouldn’t have the same mannerisms, same BS attitude with women, etc etc. Characters and plots should always been new and shiny with each new story. Some plots may arc from book to book, (ie: cops after the same bad guy), but the characters can’t simply be given a new name and passed off into the next story as if readers won’t notice!

If your characters are cops, bikers or all werewolves, they still need to be their own person with uniqueness that will have readers falling in love with that individuality. Authors need to write diverse qualities in the plot, with the characters for our diverse readers.  There has to be fresh settings, crimes, reasons not to be together.  Use your imagination. Not all characters have to be perfect either, there are many flaws to give them for instance. Don’t give characters a different name, plop him/her on the same motorcycle, in an airplane, behind the same desk, or have the same plus size heroine in every book and expect readers to fall in love. They won’t do it. They’ll close the book very quickly, be frustrated with the author and probably never spend a dime of their hard earned money on your books again.

As a reader myself, I can think of a couple authors off the type of my head that captured me instantly with the first couple books of their series, then after book 4, reading the same stuff with a different cover and character names changed, I stopped reading that author instantly. I couldn’t handle it any more. I love reading, soak up everything in sight, but I don’t want to waste my money on reading the same thing over and over again.

A lot of authors want to have a long list of published titles with their name on it. The more titles there is, authors seem to think they’ve “made it” and it’s a look at me, look at me with all my 60 titles, I’m awesome. And many are! Don’t get me wrong. Huge kudos to all authors who write a story that sells, and continue to work hard at their careers.

However, it’s QUALITY over QUANTITY. Being prolific is great, but not when you’re plopping the same ole same ole stuff into a word document repeatedly. In doing so, you’re failing readers, the authenticity of the story and yourself.



Until next week,

Kacey (2)







Building Readerships & Relationships #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)


Good morning everyone. Kacey here, and Happy Saturday! Welcome to the weekend! I hope it’s full of fun and laughter.

Recently I had 2 Facebook “takeovers” that I enjoyed immensely. What is a takeover, first of all…a takeover is when an author gets anywhere from  30 to 60 minutes in a group on facebook (other other social places) that is hosted by another author, and the author taking over during that times gets to have that amount of time for themselves, to discuss their work, books, fun stuff and for readers to get to know the author a bit more personally.

As I said, I enjoyed myself a lot in both chats, which were the same day and then I received an private message from an aspiring author, whom I’ve known for a few months now. It was a positive discussion between this author and myself, but it brought to mind that not all of us know of these Facebook takeovers, author chats, etc. (and prompted this post for today).

Authors have the responsibility to promote every new book — as much or as little as they deem necessary — and added to that can be chats with readers periodically. There is more beyond just penning that amazing story, and authors have to embrace the full circle of the business. Now, I’m not saying EVERY single author wants to / enjoys doing these chats, etc., but it’s something that can being you a) more readers, b) having some extra fun after all the hard work is done, and c) more fun!!! Who doesn’t want more fun in their lives, right? *g*

These chats can be fast paced, over before you know it, but part of the job if you want to engage readers on a deeper level. An author should be there for their readers as well. Be open to their opinions on your stories — you know what they say about opinions — but be open-minded, take the good compliments with some discouraging comments (do NOT be their punching bags of course!), but just be open to building readerships, friendships with readers, and open up your world beyond the story to so much more than you ever imagined.

I have a street team / reader group who are amazing to me. I try to encourage interaction as much as possible, and they all know to come to me — via email or private message — anytime to discuss books, characters, even a problem they may have. I think authors can build good, solid foundations with the readers who enjoy their work, cheer for their characters and inspire more and more writing. All my “Heroines” (my group is “Hammell’s Heroines”) are so encouraging and amazing for inspiration, I’m blessed to have them all in my life.

We write because we love it, first and foremost, but also to reach other people with our stories and words. It’s wonderful and very empowering to know there are readers out there waiting — IMpatiently LOL — for more of our stories. And it’s mind-blowing to sit back and discuss everything and anything during an author chat/takeover, and know that we have prompted a reader to drop everything and go buy one of our books.

But in the end, while it’s a sale, it could also be the beginning of a great reader/author relationship for a long time to come. So be open to meeting new readers, listening to their thoughts and opinions, and be inspired by them. It’s all part of the author journey that is amazing!


Until next week,

Kacey (2)



Letting Go or Suffocate? #SatisfactionSaturday #AuthorChallenges (@KaceyHammell)

Authors have a lot of ups and down moments. Sometimes more down than up, so aspiring authors especially, here’s some sage advice…

Learn to take the good with the bad of this business, but don’t let the bad consume you.

Learn to let go before you drown in your own angst and craziness.

As much as you want to think you do, you don’t always have control over the voices in your head, nor your Muses that come and go. You can be 150% invested in your WIP (work in progress) when you start it, but there are hills and valleys, boulders and sometimes walls that come crashing down when you least expect it.

I’ve learned this — been on this terrible yet interesting curve — since October. I won’t bore you with many details but health issues for myself and one of the dearest members of my family, plus other every day upheavals have kept me on a non-stop roller coaster and I admit, it’s been terrifying. And this past week it all came crashing over me like a sea of waves that pulled me under and to some dark places.

No author is immune to writer’s block or a story just not working. I know many of my author pals could say stop whining, plant your ass in your chair and put the keyboard to work. I understand it, have said it myself to others, but when the darkness is so consuming — and LONELY — it takes literally every ounce of strength I’ve had to muster in order to just open the laptop some days. The words just stopped, but the voices of these particular characters haven’t stopped talking, it’s just they aren’t getting anywhere. The flow has ceased, the gears on the wheel have locked up, leaving me floundering in doubts and uncertainty. It was a gripping attack of suffocating under the guilt that I couldn’t push through and feeling like a quitter.

I’m an author — heck a woman — who finishes what she starts, leaves no man or woman behind and can’t just say … I’ll move onto the next story. I’ve never, ever worked like that. Ever! It’s completely foreign to me to conceive that folder with ***WIP Name*** staring at me from my files, those characters waiting for their happy ever after. And I’ve proven the fact I don’t give up since I’ve been on this book since October. I haven’t spent this long on a story since the very first book I ever wrote eleven years ago. But after a long talk with the husband, and the wonderful and heartwarming sage advice from my fellow Evernight Publishing authors who heard my plea of … what the heck do I do???!!! … I know it’s time to close the book. Literally. The WIP will be set aside, for the first time in my writing career I will give myself the control and do what I haven’t done before. In order to save my sanity and to find the sheer love and joy I normally find in writing.John-Wayne

I have no choice. It’s either that or sit and do diddly-squat until the WIP starts to work again. And that could take many, many more months. I’ve had a poof of inspiration for something different that is in very early outlining stages at the moment, and will move onto a sequel that I know readers are waiting on. I will find the love and joy in other characters for a time, more voices in my head that are arguing with others for their time, and find my way back … to myself. The writer. The lover of the written word and the lover of gritty stories.  Plus, being the A-type woman I am, I want to be back in the driver’s seat so to speak. I don’t always have full control when writing but it’s nice to kid myself I suppose. *g* I’ve lived and breathed written words for over a decade, wearing various hats within this business, but the blood I shed now belongs to me and the characters. I can’t let any of them down. I have a folder of 13 different WIP titles, all with documents inside of story outlines (long, lengthy buggers!), images and song titles for many of them, and voices in my head, so there’s no lack of inspiration or story ideas. I’m truly blessed for that.

So, all in all, authors (new and seasoned) need to realize that it is okay to have those moments of doubt and uncertainty, and to also give ourselves up to letting characters/stories lead us. We write for our readers of course, but we also write for those heroes/heroines in our minds and hearts who want their story told. We authors need to learn when to let go sometimes.  Some  may read this and think I should have closed the book on the WIP long ago. Perhaps. Many may also mumble that I’m griping about nothing, that it’s easy to close one story for another, but I kid you not, it’s not as easy as it seems. We have this innate need to hold onto the stories that are within us. To have them be told and to cherish each character/story as if it is our last.

However, I’m learning. I guess it’s a good thing too since I am a believer that no matter how bestselling, how seasoned an author is, if s/he is no longer learning then something is wrong.

We live, we learn …

We must write…

Until next week,

Kacey (2)



Satisfaction Saturday ~ A Hybrid Author (@KaceyHammell) #Writing

A Hybrid Author … that’s what I can be called these days. I’m an author who self publishes and works with a publisher. I believe all authors should have the right to choose which path fits them best. I’m not an reader who chooses what I read based on where the author is published. I let the talent speak for itself. I, as a writer, have the power to create the stories that speak to me and choose which avenue to present them to my own readers.

There’s a lot to consider when self publishing. And while I do like the freedoms of it, I do miss the backing of a publisher who also lends support with each new story.

When I self publish it’s all on me, from start to finish, and the promotion is the hardest. Of course with a publisher it’s also on me as well — after all I want the best product out there no matter if self pubbing or with a publisher — but for me it is a lot more work to do everything myself. I don’t mind making the decisions. Hey, I’m a control freak / very A-type, but when it comes to doing the marketing/promoting with self publishing, it’s more exhausting than many probably realize.

With self publishing there are no extra hands to send out review copies, book blog tours or advertising. No extra person to deal with all the minor (while major) aspects of getting my name/story out to the target audience. And as much as I love every step in the process of publishing, it can be tiresome when doing it all on my own. I find the process is longer for each book I publish on my own because the marketing takes a lot more time. Every single decision is mine, and mine alone.  It can be scary on one’s own.  No matter how confident I am in my writing, characters, stories, there’s greater chances to make a mistake. And honestly, it can be terrifying.

Plus, there’s nothing like having the cushion of support that comes with a publisher — I GOOD one (Thank you for that Evernight Publishing!) — and the support of fellow authors at the same publisher. Yes, most authors will support a writer no matter what/where they write but when you’re all a collective group within one company, there’s such an added bonus of camaraderie and cohesive “I have your back” that comes along with it a publisher. At least in my experiences.

But having said all the above, with all the added work of making every decision myself, being even more anal and meticulous as always when self publishing, I also love the fact that I CAN do both — work with publishers and do it on my own. I LOVE that I CAN if I want to.

The ebook industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and it is really something to have the freedoms many of us do now — to cross boundaries and push envelopes and embrace our own businesses and crafts even more. I do not — no author does — have to choose the “either / or” option of publishing any longer. For that I am grateful. Very, very grateful. We are all masters of our journeys and doing what works for us.

I will continue to plug along, learning new avenues and embarking into pools of water that are wet and uncertain, and in the end come out of it having lived and learned. I like pushing myself as well while also loving the comfort of a larger publisher. At this point in my career, I won’t jump completely into self publishing because I do have great respect for the benefits in being with a publisher too, and I don’t want to do it all on my own. No matter what the control-lovin’ freak inside me says. The paths I have chosen aren’t for everyone, some may not agree with some of my views/experiences, but it’s all me. *g*


Published at Evernight Publishing.


One of my self pubbed series









Hope you have a satisfying week ahead.

Talk again soon!

Kacey (2)


Satisfaction Saturday with Kacey Hammell (@KaceyHammell)


Good morning everyone! Welcome to Satisfaction Saturday.

Why the specific Saturday title? I’ll be your host every Saturday, and I am going to hope that the end of the week (or the start of the weekend) will be with some form of great satisfaction – on both our parts! I hope for a satisfying week of writing and I wish you all the satisfaction the week will allow you. *g*

Okay, so who is Kacey exactly? For those who aren’t familiar with me / my writing, here we go…

I’ve always been an avid reader. From the time I could read, my parents rarely found me without a book in hand, nose buried, and having to repeat my name numerous times because I’d escaped to my own world. I’ve always loved the romance genre and have dreamed big because of it. I’ve been infatuated with knights in shining armor, long haired men on Harleys, shifters who growl, and of course the happily ever afters. I’ve always been shy in nature, very quiet until getting to know someone, and I admit I have trust issues! *g*

I’m a mom of three, happily married to my own hero and run a farm with my family in Ontario, Canada. I had the opportunity nearly fourteen years ago when my youngest son was a wee lad to review for a couple of romance review sites and enjoyed that immensely for many years. I became friends with many authors who introduced me to other authors who needed beta readers, which led to critiquing and on to acquiring submissions for a couple of small press publishers. With my husband’s gentle prodding – I remember the bruises!! – he encouraged me to write something myself. As much as I fought, he’d planted the bug in my head and it was all I could think about. Now, many years later – and after a long hiatus when I lost my father – I’m back into writing full time and enjoying every moment of it.

I love the voices in my head, the chance to touch readers’ hearts and still find it hard to believe this is my life. To share the passion I held as a young girl, sharing the love of books and stories with my kids and now ultimately many like-minded souls who enjoy escaping to different worlds and meeting new people on all these adventures … there’s nothing like it. I always dreamed of being “just” a stay-at-home Mom when I grew up and I’ve been blessed by the hubby to do that for over fourteen years now, but I’ve been doubly blessed and always inspired by the opportunities my imagination and the Muse have given me.

I have written many different genres –Contemporary (mainly), Paranormal (cat shifters & a ghost), Suspense (I LOVE cop shows/movies) and am delighted to include as much spice, naughtiness, and heat as I can within them all. Romance of course being the key factor in all of them, bringing two souls together who need one another. There’s no better genre than romance!

I’m also a huge classic movie buff – another topic for another day perhaps.

I love Betty Boop, Supernatural, Fast and Furious Franchise, Disney and Snoopy. There’s so many things I can tie all of my loves into, and I look forward to sharing that with our readers here at Naughty Quills.

I hope to see you every week, where we will dish about this and that in the writing world and spend a very satisfying Saturday together!

Until next week,

Kacey (2)