Two little words #TuesdayThoughts with Doris (@mamaD8)c

Happy Tuesday, peeps, Doris here with her thoughts on those two little words.

Thank You - Words on Yellow Sticky Notes

They’ll take you far in life, you know.

My gran always said manners cost nothing, and it’s something that I strive to live by in real life and online.

Makes the world so much nicer, don’t you think.

Sadly, there are those who seem to forget even the basics.

You know the ones. They think the world owes them, or perhaps they are just too far up their own behinds to come up and smell the roses.

I don’t much care either way.

Those folks only show themselves up in the end. Like Ravenna stated in her post yesterday, Karma.


It is annoying, though,  and it grates on me, when someone can’t even be bothered to say a little thank you, or please.

We call them the magic words in my house.


Even my five year old knows that nothing happens unless you ask nicely and you say thank you.

Why then, do some authors and readers, too, to be fair forget that simple little thing? We all lead busy lives, I get that, but how much does it take to ask nicely for something. To say thanks, ta, no problem, de nada, whatever variation you want to come up with?

To show your appreciation for whatever the other person has done for you?

Because, newsflash, we’re all in this together, and no one owes you anything. You’re not any more precious that the next person, just because you sell more, have more followers, or whatever might make you think you’re above the common courtesies.

This is turning into something of a rant, and I don’t mean it to be. It just never ceases to astonish me when someone is just downright rude online.

Don’t do that, really, don’t.

It’s not cool, it’s not clever, it just makes you look like a divbrain.

Most of us more experienced authors are only too happy to help out. We listen, we lend a helping hand, we host others on our blogs etc.

But, a word to the wise here, just because any author has hosted you before, does not give you an automatic right to be on their blog again, especially when you simply send out a mass e-mail, without asking nicely, to give but one example of things that make me roll my eyes.

The same goes for newsletters. Don’t subscribe folks to them without asking, and for the love of all that is holy, do not bombard the subscribers you do have with newsletter after newsletter.

It all just turns into noise after a while.

And while I’m on the subject. If you win something in a giveaway, say thank you, and make sure you claim your prize. 🙂

Of course, you might just be rolling your eyes at this, and think to yourself, that Doris, who does she think she is to tell us what to do?



that’s your prerogative. I’m a very small fish in a very big sea, but, at least, I’m a polite one. Or at the very least, I try to be.

Manners cost nothing, remember that in your dealings with others.

Or as my five-year-old would say about folks who don’t.

That’s just rude, mummy isn’t it, and we don’t like rude people.


That’s all from me today. You’ll be pleased to hear I’ve put my soapbox away.

Do stay naughty, folks.

D xxx