Raven rambles on readin’, ‘ritin’, rediting and ‘rithmetic,

Anyone else old enough to remember the three ‘r’s?

Hi all, Raven here with her Thursday thoughts on those ‘r’s. Yes I know, that up there is six… if you ignore the grammar, but hey it got your attention.

It really is short thoughts this week. I’m off to a very special wedding this weekend, and know that’s going to be four days of no writing.  Oh I’ll have my lap top with me (Have Mac will travel as my Dh says, and rolls his eyes) but it’s very unlikely any M/s will be opened. And I’m itching to redit ( red pen, go over, beta, call it what you will) Doris’ latest. She’s at the same wedding, so at least she won’t be muttering ‘where is it’. Well she might but…

Anyway, I also have guests coming today, so thats most of another day with no writing. No reading either—and no rediting.A screaming woman and books

ARGH….How will I cope? I get twitchy when I don’t at least look at what I’m writing, rediting or reading. Daft maybe but I like that continuity. I might not add any words or say ‘er what on earth does this mean’. I might not have a chance to put a smiley face on redits, or swoon as I read about a soppy heroine, But I need to have that little bit of connection somehow. Sometimes it’s only a bullet point on a scrap of paper, or a bit reminder outlined in felt tip, but it is there.

Which leaves me to mention the arithmetic.

I used to be adamant I would write ‘x’ amount of words a week. Get annoyed with myself if I didn’t. After all if I didn’t set a stupid total, of course I could do it, right? Just adjust it accordingly, and no worries. Easy.

Well, no not always. Life has a habit of throwing a spanner in the works. Toothache, headache, burst pipe. (Yeah don’t talk about that one to me this week) Cows on your rain sodden lawn, unexpected visitors and therefore unexpected supermarket shop… need I go on? And those lack of words added up, and I muttered and worried. Not ideal.

There is an easy solution.

Don’t sweat it.

giphy (57)

Just accept it, swear if you must. Eat chocolate, drink coffee/tea/wine/gin/.

Tomorrow, next week, is another day. Those words will get typed. You’ll find that if you don’t worry, (Yeah, be happy) you’ll discover that actually, you’ve done well. Really well.

Words are flowing. your work is growing.

(and that’s it for rhyming… I’m no poet)

The moral of this ramble is…. That life doesn’t always go to plan. But the words in your head will become words on paper or on lap top. And will grow, and add up.

Don't worry, be happy

Don’t worry, be happy

(Images pinterest)

So enjoy it.

Love  Raven x

3 thoughts on “Raven rambles on readin’, ‘ritin’, rediting and ‘rithmetic,

  1. I used to be like you. 2K a day. Firm. No excuses. Now, I’m much more laid back and let the muse decide her days to let go. Pushing can also lead to the WB and words that seem dry and lifeless. Have a great time at your event!


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