Raven’s Thursday thoughts on bleeping-minded muses…

Raven rambles…On muses

Or should that be a-musing-we-will-go?

Whichever, this is a blog post about the will of the muse.

The bloody mindedness of my muse to be precise.

Or how not to ignore your muse. It has a stronger will than you do. And listen to it because it knows best.

super duper

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This last month or two my muse has been incredibly obstinate. It seems it thinks that writing hot is not for me any more. Or at least not for the moment. That was a bit problematic to say the least, as I was half way through writing the last book in my Kera Faire, Death Isle series.

I begged it shook its head. I pleased it turned its back. I cried, it relented enough to let me finish the story. I think in a hot as hades, all holds barred, got to get flustered and jump your partner way. Thankfully.

And then.

Nada. Zilch. B all.

I tell you it got me worried. How could I write if I could only do half a job?

Well to be honest, the answer is…easily.

My muse whispered in my ear. So you can’t write hot anymore? Then don’t. Write warm or sweet or wrap around velvet chocolate. Gorgeous men. Feisty heroines. Toe curling drama or laugh out loud instances that make you want to cringe. The lead up, the anticipation, and of course the happy ever after.

Hint, tease, think about things. Leave a little to to your reader’s imagination.

Do something different.

Any enjoy it.

So I did, and I am.

Now, I’ve told my muse, never say never, and I won’t. But for now? i’m enjoying what I’m writing. And that’s the main point. If you write what you do not enjoy, it will show in your work.

And as Bob Marley sang…

every little thing alright Marley

(Source, pinterest)

Happy writing,

love Raven x

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