Take time to chill #FabulousFriday @AuthorMoira

Happy Friday one and all. It’s been a crazy, hectic week so this will be a short post. To that end, I’ll get down to business.

We’ve all been exhausted at one point or another in our lives. Being an adult is pretty damn exhausting when you consider all we do in a day. As authors we need to be aware that when we’re tired this can have an effect not only on our lives, but also our writing. One thing I know from personal experience is that as the day wears on and I’m writing, the more likely it is that I write my characters being worn out, yawning, thinking about bed. It’s perfectly natural, but something to remember and be aware of. Especially if you don’t want your characters climbing into bed every second chapter – at least not for sleeping, lol!

Now, not only does our sleepy mind create issues in our writing but it also, sometimes severely, affects our health. While there is still a stigma surrounding mental health for whatever idiotic reasoning, don’t let this deter you from doing what’s right for you and your well being. You need to be in tip top mental state to write that story that’s waiting to break free. So if you need to get away for a weekend, do a day spa, or hide in the pantry eating chocolate for a couple hours, do it. Do not feel obligated to explain why to anyone. We each have a responsibility to ourselves, first and foremost above all others, even our loved ones. Because if we’re not in a rested mental state how can we do what needs to be done for others?

So remember to take a moment, an hour, a day or whatever you need to refresh, for yourself. Stressing out does no one any good. With that thought, I hope you all have a lovely weekend with whatever plans you might have.

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