Raven rants on… well read it and see

The other day, I heard two women who should know better chatting. They were talking about the body shape of someone else, and not to put too fine a point on it, their talk verged on the offensive.

Seriously it was as if their speech had been taken over by teenage boys and gutter talk, locker room trash, spewed out of their mouths.


Totally unacceptable.

Unacceptable Unwelcome Hand Cut Word Split Concept

(Source deposit photos)

They stereotyped someone in such a way, I felt sick.

If women talk about each other like that, what hope have we got?

Hell’s bells we should support, not denigrate each other. If we talk in such a derogatory way about our fellow women (or indeed if men do the same about men) how can we expect the opposite sex not to do the same?

Many years ago I read a book where a woman fluttered her eyelashes at her ex lover, and said to another woman, who had a responsible job, “Ohh I’m much too frivolous for things like that.”

Quick as a flash the second woman spoke up. “You shouldn’t describe yourself as frivolous. It means paltry or without worth. People do tend to take you at your own assessment of yourself.”

(Today, frivolous probably has a slightly different meaning, but you get my drift.)

My point is, if you say something negative about your own body, you’d be bloody annoyed if it was taken as gospel. We all have our bad hair, hate my boobs day. We all know when we need to adjust our body weight if possible.


There’s that word again.

To think it is okay to do it about someone else is even worse. We are much more than our bodies.

But…To be wanted for your imperfections isn’t right, is it? Those woman saying someone was…well I’m not going to say it, but take my word it was shitty, is so not on.

We should be wanted in spite of our imperfections. Loved for who we are not because of what we are.

I’m happy to say, that a third woman leaned over and blasted those first two women. Told them they were the disgusting ones.

That we should work together for what is right, and how would they like it if a bloke only wanted their boobs or ass and nothing else?

“Oh,” she added in a voice dripping with saccharine. “If I ever see a piece in the paper saying two women, one with buck teeth and one with saggy boobs, were arrested for libel or slander, I’ll know who it was.”

The point of this rant?

A book title I saw, that to me, is offensive to a large number of women.

Rant over,

love Raven x

PS Is this related to writing? Yes I think it is. Just my pov, mind you. 

2 thoughts on “Raven rants on… well read it and see

  1. Wow. I’m glad that 3rd woman spoke up. It’s becoming increasingly hard to do that without being attacked, verbally and sometimes physically. I hope those two take a good look at their behavior, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they left and made the woman in the right out to be the one in the wrong for pointing out their judgmental attitudes. As humans we are prone to judgment because we are a species that feels and can articulate those feelings. Often one of those feelings is jealousy and as much as we don’t like acknowledging that it feeling is the root of a lot of our comments against others. Not an excuse, just hoping those women take a look inside, and stop only looking at the outside.

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