You should be writing! #TuesdayThoughts with Doris (@mamaD8)

Hey peeps, Doris here with a very short and sweet post today, as I really shouldn’t be here at all. I’m on a tight deadline. Nothing like a bit of pressure to get the fingers flying and all that.



For once I know the story. Heck, I have a synopsis and everything….

*passes the smelling salts*

Yes, I know, unheard of, but necessary for this particular submission process. I’m waiting to hear back on a first chapter and just in case the powers that be will want more…. well, I kinda need the rest of the story, right?

Hence the deadline.

I tell myself I work well under pressure…. yeah, right… erm…

So, with that in mind, I best get off here and crack on. I left my hero with a severe case of blue balls and the heroine has just turned up, so there is a whole lot of different pressure going on.



Erm right, that’s my cue.

(Incidentally, Rhett Butler, so wonderfully portrayed by Clark Gable here, was the first literary hero I ever fell in love with.)



Eeek, def going now!

*catches one last glimpse of Idris*

Stay naughty, folks!




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