Do What Suits You #WickedWednesday (@KaceyHammell)


Good morning all! I hope everyone had a wonderful Canada Day & 4th of July since we were last together. Canada Day here was an overcast day but it was wonderful. A very relaxing weekend here, and I was able to write over 7k of new words! Not too shabby, right? I’m thrilled. It had been weeks since I’d been able to carve out a whole afternoon to spend with my characters. I’m so happy! *g*

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend who wondered why authors do not write in every genre. It made me laugh, after all, non-writers don’t always get it, right?  She suggested that I should be writing in more genres, including sci-fi & historicals. Two genres of which are not exactly my favourites (depends who the author is that I’ll read), and I know very little about — or at least enough to write a whole book about. These two genres in particular bore me to some extents so writing in them wouldn’t be my forte, nor interest. And the discussion made me think of trends and writers who believe they have to write to trend, the hot genres, etc. 

This isn’t so. And if you do — good on you. However, I’m a believer that (and some may not agree with me, but hey, that’s nothing new), that every writer has to write what they love. I grew up reading romances and it was natural for me to write in that genre. Of course the erotic sub-genre was a lot of fun to add to my stories as well. Romance is — as I like to think of it — my fluffy cloud and I have the talent to add more elements to my cloud, such as paranormal and suspense. I’ve written these additional genres because I love them to death. I leave other genres, like sci-fi and historical, to the professionals. LOL Those writers that love those genres have a knack for it. All writers have their own special niches and talents.

We don’t have to write to trend at all. Write what you love. I think I’ve said that before here at the Quills, and it’s always true. Be true to who you are and choose the genres you feel you have a voice in. Don’t write something you can’t put your heart and soul into. Trends are great but not all they are cracked up to be. They come and go, fade away, as all genres have. Hot sellers in this business run hot and cold. What’s popular one day is dead the next. Choose the genre(s) that suit you. And if one day you feel adventurous to try your hand at a genre you least expect yourself to write, then go for it. Even if you never publish it, challenge yourself.  I tried with a sci-fi once…it didn’t go well. I’ll stay in my lane. *g*

Until next time, 

Happy Writing!!

Kacey xoxoxo



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