Raven’s Thursday thoughts on…Away and chilling

Hi From a newly chilled out Raven…

This was me the last couple of weeks. Away, in glorious Majorca, and then Devon, and doing very little. And I needed every one of those chill out hours. Time just to spend with my other half.

pool pollenca

We both needed the rest. The chance to catch our breaths and catch up with each other. (or as I once said, realise the strange man who had just got into bed with me, was my husband, now home.)

This sprang to mind…

gone fishing

We hadn’t, but you get the idea.

Never feel guilty for reconnecting with your loved ones.

You’ll get back to writing with renewed vigour. and in my case lots of ideas for settings and so on… I mean with views like these…

Shaldon viewJPG

me port sollerand yeah, this is this weeks very short and sweet post from me. I’m now playing catch up and really enjoying it.

Take care and happy chilling,

love Raven x

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