Holiday Stories: Finding a Niche by Jules Dixon #MondayMessages #amwriting @JulesofTripleR

giphy-downsized (20)There’s something about reading a story set during the holidays that makes me really happy and writing them makes me doubly happy.

When it comes to romance, of course, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year’s Eve rule the roost for high dollar romantic-effect. But, think about this… why not use a less traditionally “sexy” holiday in your next story and make it sexy?

giphy-downsized (21)

Like perhaps Halloween? Imagine a hero bumping into his future great love while she’s dressed as a tater tot or pink bunny or … serial killer? Or a hero getting into a cab with a Peter Pan impersonator or drag queened up beautifully as Elvira and they fall in love? He thinks he’s a woman, he’s not. The conflict writes itself there.


giphy-downsized (22)

Or what about the 4th of July? If sparks are flying from fireworks, make them fly between two people! I can picture them sitting on a dock and watching fireworks and a little kiss by the flashing lights and booming sounds. Definitely, something to remember.

giphy-downsized (23)

Or what about the craziness of Thanksgiving?  What if everything goes wrong and the heroine has to order out food? The delivery guy could be the hero! Heck, the delivery guy could end up being a chef just making ends meet.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to holiday stories and how the holidays can lend stress, happiness, and a certain magic that comes with them.

giphy-downsized (24)

So don’t eliminate the small holidays from your writing! And take a chance on one of the lesser holidays to write a short story or a novella and give your characters a chance to find love on a date that you’ll always remember to celebrate with them every year.

Oh, and to all those celebrating in the United States…HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! May you have a safe and wonderful holiday!

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❤ Jules



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