Raven’s ramblings are short, but maybe not all sweet this week.


Read on to get my Thursday thoughts…


(I thought we might as well have something sweet, pic source pinterest)

Hi all, Raven’s on the rampage a teensy weansy bit today. Not a rant, not really, just a quick nudge to some people who, I think, do not think before they type, talk or tweet.

Now as I often say, you might be scratching your heads, or nodding sagely and muttering that, Raven really has lost the plot this week, and go and make yourselves a coffee. But It’s not that I’ve lost the plot, more that we all need to think, really think, before we commit our thoughts to print and let them be remembered and regurgitated (love that word) to come back and haunt us for ever more.

In some ways this is a follow on from Doris fantastic post on Tuesday, about the grammar police, in other ways not so.

I will be the first person to hold my hand up and say my typing is mediocre at the best. (the first time I typed that sentence it came up as hod my had) I have a habit of missing or transposing letters, so I could easily type fro, for for, or frog, from when I mean form and so on. It’s one of the reasons I share my typo of the day. When I catch them, they can be funny. But it’s also true to say some get missed.

For some reason, social media posts, when I try to write them are minuscule on my lap top and phone and I hold my hands up I often miss those pesky errors at first. Luckily though, I frequently see them as soon as the post is up, and correct them. I’m not alone in this. You ask around and the number of people who say they had a vice that was soft, instead of a voice, or you r’e not you’re will be quite a lot.

Someone described this as fumble fingers the other day (It’s know by my friends as RavenFingers) and I was ‘yes that’s it’. A common affliction. Anyone who types, writes and tweets knows this.

Don’t worry, just try to catch them. And when you see someone’s fumble fingers, remember that could be you.

This is a RFSA (Raven, friendly service announcement) Think before you snark, next time it could be you…

And on a different note… Evidently my hero had a noise for sniffing out such things. Sadly I left the story there so although, I know (well I think I do)  he has a nose for sniffing out such things, I have no blooming idea what such things are. Maybe next week’s post better be on making notes!

Correct spelling reminder note on a notice board

Happy reading writing and RavenFingers,

love Raven x



One thought on “Raven’s ramblings are short, but maybe not all sweet this week.

  1. If people could see my DMs with Dr. J, they’d see me correcting multiple finger fumbles. My phone hates me. I’ve changed the keyboard on it, trying to find something that works for me, but alas, it is not meant to be. I also have to empty my phone dictionary and I have to turn off auto-correct occasionally. I type thr instead of the so often that auto-correct will REPLACE the with thr. Ridiculous, right?
    The other thing that gets me is when you use the predictive text to replace a word… but it doesn’t replace the word. You tapped it, but the phone ignored you, and the weird ‘wtf did I mean again’ word goes through.
    It’s the only issue I have with Twitter – you can edit on Facebook, G+, and pretty much anywhere else, but no, Twitter enjoys keeping your flaws out there for everyone to see (unless it’s so bad, you delete it and start over).
    People need to get over this and stop whining about typos that others make. It’s going to happen. It’s inevitable. The only thing we can do is do our best to catch them before they go out and fix them (if possible) when we see it right after hitting ‘send’.


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