Inner Circles #WickedWednesday (@KaceyHammell)

Good morning all. Hope you’ve had a great week.

I am not going to bore you with a long, drawn out post today. What I have to say is pretty straight forward and to the point.

I’ve been in this business for years, in one capacity or another. I have watched authors hit it big quickly, come and go, and others work hard and pay their dues to reach a success level that is perfect for them. I have also witnessed the nasty in this business. The backstabbing and the authors who cannot seem to support one another. In the romance business where the majority of authors are female one would think, even expect, a group who is supportive and cheering one another on, building one another up when times get tough.

However, it is not that way. If one is lucky enough, as I am, the group around a writer is a good one. Oh, I have been stabbed a few times in the back, but I have learned the hard lessons and have 2 handfuls of colleagues/friends in this biz that I trust. Those people I trust have my back and the bonds we have built are strong, insurmountable ones.

But be warned, you cannot trust everyone. There are many out for #1 and who will take screenshots of conversations or exaggerate them, taking words out of context to make fit their own agenda. There are some who enjoy tearing other writers down behind the scenes, yet be their best friend at any other time, pretending that they love and adore that person they have gossiped or talked trash about. It is sad and pathetic.

Sounds quite high school-ish, doesn’t it? Sadly this business has more cattiness and cliques and BS than is necessary. And drama queens. Oh, there are many who need the attention of stirring up trouble and then sitting back while others have to defend themselves because of what the drama queen has brewed up. It is ridiculous.

We all have the right to vent and commiserate moments withothers.  But beware of who you let into your inner circle.

Until next week,

Happy Writing!

Kacey xoxo

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