Raven rambles with her Thursday thoughts and asks when is promo too much?

This week Raven’s rambling on how much promo is too much promo.



p r o m o

P R O M O 




Because I was involved in a conversation about how, when someone sees the same person has promo-ed in several groups on FB they immediately roll their eyes and don’t even bother to read the post, whatever it is.

Ditto when the same person posts the same or similar posts often during a day

Someone even said they went as far as to block a person after that had happened several times.

The one thing people couldn’t decide was how many times was too much.

Strangely it seems twitter isn’t so much of an annoyance, because it is seen as a blink and you’ll miss it place. So if someone does post several times you might only see one or two of them.

What do you think? It’s very subjective I know, but in your eyes what stops you reading, a post, or a tweet? What stops you replying to a promo DM or to delete an email?

And what do you think is  enough when you do it?

Hmm, as I said very subjective.

Happy reading (I hope)

love Raven x

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