Raven says…Put up, shut up, and grow up…

Thursday thoughts and Raven rambles on—again.

This week, I’m calling it…Don’t throw the dummy out. Use it to shut yourself up when necessary.

What am I rambling on about today?

Reviews, reviewers, bloggers and authors reactions.

You’d like to think no reviewer sets out to be deliberately nasty. And I’d say 99.9% of then don’t. Of course there will always be the odd one. Ignore them. don’t moan groan or spit vitriol. Just accept that into every life some shit had to fall. They are your shit. They are also not what this post is all about.

baby crap bag

(okay not exactly the correct pic but I couldn’t resist…

I’m talking about those lovely people who read our books, and then give a good honest and justified review.

We need them.

Don’t give them grief when they are honest and explain what they didn’t like about your book. Listen and take heed. You may choose to differ, but suck it up buttercup. It is their honest opinion. Don’t rail at them, do not ask them not to put the review up and for all that’s holy do not, I repeat not ever ask them to up the rating (number of stars or whatever they use) they gave you.

A screaming woman and books

That’s what I mean by throwing the dummy out.

Chill and have a glass of wine…and chocolate

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar

LONDON, UK – MAY 6TH 2016: An unopened Dairy Milk chocolate bar manufactured by Cadbury, pictured over a plain white background on 6th May 2016.

Who are you to say they are wrong? Who are you to intimate their views are not acceptable, or les worthy than yours?

Think how you’d feel in their shoes.

They’ve given up their time to read your book. They are trying to be honest and say what they thought.

Accept it. Be gracious. Hold on to the dummy.

knitted baby and dummy

Or next time you have a book out, you might not get a review, and it could be the book that would have made you. If only people could have seen what other people thought.

Happy food for thought…

Raven x

All pics are sourced via pinterest

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