Raven says…pick five words…go on, any five…

Morning (or whatever) Raven rambling here

The sun is shining on me at the moment so I’ll take it.

Across the lawnJPG

(Pic Raven)

It’s one of those ohh grief, what am I going to write times this week. I scratched my head, and hubby wanted to know why the deep sighs.

I’m stuck, I said.

To which he reminded me of something i”d said to him ages ago. ‘You say you don’t get writers block but your characters get arsy so you write something else.’

Then he grinned. ‘So write about something else.’

Not that helpful when I couldn’t think of s topic!

But then I remembered something a few of us did as newbies when we were stuck for a topic. We gave each other 5 or 10 (or however many words) and said write 100, or 200 (or however many 😉 ) words with those words in it.

It’s amazing how such a silly prompt can help. Especially when the mix of words makes you giggle, or be very inventive. It even works if you pick your own mix.

Alternatively ask someone to give you a sentence, and you have to write the next paragraph. Or go to a book at random open it and pick a sentence without reading any of the context.

It’s fun, and if you are having trouble with what you are writing…hopefully it will help.

Rainbows, bananas, needlework, coconuts and lacy-tights anyone?

thumbs up

(pic source, pinterest)

It might make you giggle if nothing else.

Happy writing,

enjoy your words,

love Raven x

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