Raven on…I have no idea TBH

Hi all, Raven here with her Thursday thoughts…

Living in the UK, this week it has been hard to think of things other than than children not coming home. Mums, dads, friends and relatives lost for ever.

But we have to, because otherwise the baddies win.

I say baddies on purpose because that is how I have to think of those bastards who kill people for whatever reason they think fit.

And now I have to say, terrorists/freedom fighters however you chose to look at them will not win by hatred or killing, but by peace.

I have to believe that or why bother to carry on?

I’ll be honest, the last thing on my mind was writing or blogging. I remember that every day there but the grace of our Gods goes me and mine. We have to carry on..

So, once this ‘not a lot to do with writing and blogging post’ goes up, I’ll make a coffee (it is 3.30 am, yes I am awake), get comfy, open my lap top and add a bit to my WIP.

If it happens to be a WIP where the baddies get eaten by pigs, well who can blame me?

Life is very good at throwing us curve balls, upsetting our ‘lists of what to do’ for the week. It’s easy to let things overwhelm you, and then it’s chaos as you play catch up.

Don’t panic. Just accept that this weeks word count will be down, you won’t get the home made soup prepared (that’s what tins and add a bit of this and that are for) or the mantle piece is dusty.

In the grand scheme of things it will all even out in the end.

And that my friends is it for this week. I’m off to throw a few herbs in tonight’s tin of soup, blow at the dust, and reassure my heroine that the hero won’t leave in the state she’s in for too long.

Take care, hug your loved ones, and happy writing.

Now where did I put that tin opener?


Raven x

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