Raven rambles on Support and I don’t mean pants or panty hose

(or as thy are known around my neck of the woods… hauldy-in knickers)


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Hi All,

Raven’s ramblings and Thursday thoughts are all about support this week.

They weren’t going to be, be but it does seem a week for life getting in the way of other stuff. All the quillers have had problems in getting their blogs up, finding time to write what they wanted to and still keep all their balls in the air (so to speak)

That’s where support comes in.

It never ceases to amaze me when authors pick on authors. When anyone picks on anyone to be honest. But authors putting down each other and not helping where help is needed? That’s horrible.

I don’t mean when someone is obviously out for sympathy for no reason. I don’t need to elaborate there, you all know what I’m getting at. That is frankly downright annoying, guaranteed to get people’s backs up, and leave people with little or no sympathy or inclination to support said ‘fake sympathy wanted person’ if she/he ever do need support. The boy who cried wolf syndrome.

I mean the genuine cry for help, I’m stuck, frustrated, been bullied times.

Support please, do not dismiss or be negative.

Now between the the ladies of the Naughty Quills, we have each other’s backs. That’s how it should be. Cheer, high five, rant and commiserate with each others high and lows. Try to help even if it is just with a virtual hug. Be supportive be helpful and don’t be nasty.

Every author knows there are good times and bad times. For all of us.

Let’s all hang together and be supportive. Even when someone is getting what you would like. your turn will come.

But, it’s a two way thing here. If you’re the one up on a high, remember highs can become lows, and you’ll get support…if you gave it in the first place.

Otherwise, you’re on plums. (or hauldy -in knickers)


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happy everything,


(he doesn’t need em.. but I thought I’d add him anyway (source pinterest)

love Raven x



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