This crazy thing called life #TuesdayThoughts with Doris (@mamaD8)

Hello, lovely peeps, Doris here, and as the title says, I’m talking about this crazy thing called life today.

Namely how it can derail you. I had a somewhat intelligent post planned, but then we had a really busy Monday, which involved a trip to the vets with the kitten for her post spey check up.

She passed with flying colours, bless her. You can see her fetching shaved bit here.

FullSizeRender (17)

Then our nine year old had two of his teeth taken out under IV sedation. He doesn’t like the dentist, doesn’t like anything in his mouth, and to top it all he doesn’t like needles.

Yes, stressful doesn’t even begin to describe that experience. He was very brave, however, and we got it done.


He rather suffered afterwards with the after effects of the anesthetic. Picture him freezing cold in his pjs with a hoodie over the top, curled burrito style on his bed, shivering. Poor lil guy.

Well, he’s not little, he’s tall for his age, but ykwim. This mama’s heart hurt for him.

Anyway, despite all of that, I did manage to add 1000 words to my WIP. Not the one I was aiming to finish this week…


Of course not, that would be easy, and you know my muse… she hops skipping and jumping all over the place. I’m consoling myself with the fact that I am writing, and as long as I listen to her demented mutterings in my ear my fingers fly.

Never argue with your muse, tried that, doesn’t work, at all.


Today is daughter #4’s birthday. She is 15. How did that happen? It seems like yesterday that she was born. Okay, I’ve had three more children since her, but still! 😉

So, where does this leave today’s post? Well, this rambling mess, lol.

To make up for my lack of anything writerly to say, I shall leave you with the inspiration for four of my current WIP’s. Yes, you read that right, four…..

*glares some more at her muse*

Duncan Crannach dragon shifter                        aea7bb36a1ca50d5d26096003355ddd6

738f4f076774ff00914e2503b4dd2752                        16142653_1187021441393972_802032089911822621_n


Right, now where was I?

Do stay naughty, folks.

D xxx

3 thoughts on “This crazy thing called life #TuesdayThoughts with Doris (@mamaD8)

  1. Oh you naughty minx… I love that you have Ian (holder of the smolder) Somerhalder in there. I have to finish watching Vampire Diaries, but good god, I adored him as Damon.
    I’m glad to know that my muse isn’t the only one that jumps around like an acrobat. I just try to follow her path as best I can. Sometimes, I do very very well, and other times I’m in need of ninjas to track her down. Happy Tuesday!

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