Raven rambles about a tree—or a flowering glory of riotous blossom?

Or some such thing…

It’s been several days of glorious sunshine this week. Not very conducive to sitting indoors and writing but not doubt it will change soon.

Across the lawnJPG.JPG

After all, I’m usually looking out of my study window where it is sunny, raining, and blowing a gale. (slight exaggeration there, but often very windy.) The bamboo at the edge of the lawn (which I must make a note of, needs cutting—the lawn not the bamboo) is frequently almost bent double, and puddles cover the patio. One solitary bird is on the bird table. The rest have sensibly taken shelter.

Thinking of that, it reminds me how much we need description in our books to set a scene.

This is bugging me at the moment, as some publishers like a straight forward story, with few embellishments.

I’m the other way. I love all the bits filled in, the other people who have brought the hero and heroine to the point where they are getting interested (or not) with each other. I invest in their lives. Every bit of it.

Well okay I don’t need to know how long they clean their teeth for, how they prefer to cook salmon, or clean their shoes, but their overall lives? Yes please.

I’m not talking adverbs, weak verbs or 100 words when 10 would do. (well unless it’s so I don’t have to put ‘ten’ on the end of ‘got’. Then three hundred words are okay.)

flowing treeI

’m talking setting the scene.

Describing the tree. Decorating it.

It is all personal preference. Well let’s be honest what in writing and reading isn’t? But even the two people, no sub plot likers need a bit of context. A bit of who where why and how sort of stuff.

As for me, give me a glorious mass of blossom not just a tree any time.

Happy reading,

love Raven x

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