People Watching #TuesdayThoughts with Doris (@mamaD8)

Hello, lovely peeps, Doris here.

Let me ask you something, what do you see when you see this picture?

Do you see someone lonely, or do you see someone simply content by herself watching the world go by?

Well, I have to say that is always me. I’m not sure whether it’s an introvert thing, or a having been an only child thing, but being on my own, even in a crowd has never bothered me. Quite the opposite.

I love to simply sit and watch other people. It is endlessly fascinating to me, and, you know, people watching is the #1 research and inspiration tool in your author tool box if you ask me.

Take my night out the other day for a dear friend’s hen night. We went to the local casino and we had a great time. Not to gamble I hasten to add. Well, some in our group had a little flutter, I was content to simply watch, sip my numerous Gin&Tonics, have a little dance and observe the mating practices of the lesser spotted humans.

*giggle snort*

Not much seems to have changed since my high school/college days when I last frequented clubs of any kind.

There was the row of men sat staring at us legs spread wide in a display of testosterone which amused me greatly. Followed by gesticulating in what they must have thought was an encouraging manner and simply meant we dissolved into fits of giggles.

Then there was the guy who came across to give one of our group his friend’s phone number. Oh I did laugh, bearing in mind we’re all women of a certain age, and I’d have thought those were the antics of high school boys, not men.

Perhaps even more amusing was the fact that he did it a second time after the first attempt was thwarted by ripping up that piece of paper and sinking its remains in the wine cooler.

Then there was the guy in a suit whose dance moves could only be described as the ones of a monkey. (Hey, maybe he was an ape shifter, what you do you think?)

Or the guy whose trousers kept falling down so that he was treating all unsuspecting bystanders to a view of his butt crack. I barely resisted the urge to go up and pull the damn things up for him.

The old guy who was having a whale of a time on the dance floor, dancing with all the young ladies. Bless him, he did make me laugh, and all I can say is I hope I have that much energy when I’m an OAP.

Sidenote he was just the right height to snuggle up to the women’s boobs when he was dancing.

*giggle snort*

The primped to within an inch of her life seventy if she was a day plastic barbie doll lookalike, with her bleached blonde hair and the gravity-defying surgery enhanced boobs which kept on threatening to escape her dress.

The guy who got the death stare from me from trying to gyrate against me – and any other female for that matter –  on the dance floor. Yeah, not happening, mate. Wasn’t into that when I was younger, let alone now.

I could go on but you get the idea. Whether any of these observations will make it into a story… well, time will tell.

It was certainly an experience and we left before everyone got really drunk.

Oh, how could I forget the cleaners who also took to dancing along to the Madonna tribute act? Less said about her the better, really, bless her. Not an easy job I know being the live entertainment, but deary me.

Suffice to say she started to sound better the more G&Ts I had consumed. Funny that, eh?

Like I said we had a great time. As always happens at any gathering I attend I was asked whether I was all right, which never fails to amuse me. Like I said people watching is great fun for me. Don’t assume the one sitting quietly in the corner is not enjoying herself. Believe me, we do, and if you’re also an author, your muse will lap up all those observations and run with them.

The number of story ideas, I got from observing the people around me and the way they interact with each other. Try it, and see.

Not only will you get ideas you will also add depth to your characters. Observe how other people speak, their body language, the way they dress etc. The list is endless and endlessly fascinating too.

None as complex as human beings, after all.

It behooves those of us who write about them to show them in all their complexity.

So, keep on watching and dreaming up those stories, folks.

Stay naughty,

D xxx

6 thoughts on “People Watching #TuesdayThoughts with Doris (@mamaD8)

  1. This is one reason my writing sprints at places like bookstores and libraries don’t work out well. I end up watching the people more than writing.LOL People are fascinating. So different yet all the same too.


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