To the Newly Published Author by Jules Dixon of @JulesofTripleR #amwriting #marketing #MondayMessages

To the Newly Published Author by Jules Dixon

What a wonderful thing it is to be a published author. Whether it be self-published or traditionally published, you have accomplished what many hope and dream to do in their life. Congratulations!

And as a newly published author, I’d like to take a minute to guide you through your first book baby, post delivery into the great big world of reading, if you will.

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First, you will be excited and many of your friends and family will be excited for you but that might not always be the case. You may run into one or more (hopefully not) who say things that come off as less than supportive. “Anyone can publish a book nowadays” or “I have an idea for a book, but I’m not going to write it because I don’t want to make you feel bad cause I know it’s going to be big, not like yours.” Yes, those are just a sample of things people have said to me. Prepare yourself for the “haters”, and don’t let them get to you. Let it slide right off, and write another book! Cause you know what, they be jealous most of the time.

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Second, you will want to ask a million questions, but I’d ask you use your friend Mr. Google and inquire there first, narrow your question with the information you find, and then if you still have a very pointed and well-articulated question, then ask someone for clarification. It’s amazing what an author can find on Google or any other search engine, or in a supportive author group in the previous posts. In most groups, you can use the “Search” function and see if a topic has been approached and what the responses were.

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Third, don’t be like Luke. When Luke is training in the swamp he freaks out, he gives up, and he acts like a goddamn baby. So don’t be like Luke…have some PATIENCE! Seriously, this probably should be #1. Understand that it takes time to learn. Have patience to accept that it takes time to get a fan base, build loyal readers and connect with readers. Restraint from saying and doing things you might regret later. Step back from holding Yoda in the air on your foot while lifting the rock, some day you too will feel the force, but when it’s all new, you need to take slower steps, listen, and focus. Just breathe.


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Lastly, if a fellow author promotes you, give thanks, and make a mental note to do the same when they have a book come out. This is a reciprocity that speaks a lot to your professionalism, plus using people for your own promotion and not reciprocating is not acceptable. I understand things slip through the cracks, but authors take time from writing to help you, please do the same.

Okay, go forth and be a new and wonderful writer. It is an amazing event and you should relish the excitement and happiness you feel.

Congratulations to all first time published authors and to those who continue in this crazy business. We all deserve a pat on the back today.

❤ Jules

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