Dreamers Wanted #FabulousFriday @AuthorMoira


For individuals who can let loose the tight coils of reality, to fly beyond the mundane into the wildly fantastical, and who are not afraid to stretch beyond what they know. Experience is not required as everyday is a new learning experience. Bettering oneself is encouraged. Strength of self, and a sense of humor a must. Apply today!

Welcome to Friday one and all. Hope you’ve all had a fabulous week. Personally I cannot wait for the weekend to kick in. Like our fellow Quiller Raven I’ve had a rather painful week, it (quite literally) has been a pain in my ass. Sitting, laying down, walking, and several other movements that I normally do in my everyday subconsciously have had me gritting my teeth. Raven, oh dear sweet Raven, I feel your pain – PS: Feel better soon!

But enough of that yeah? Onto the post!

While the ad at the top of this post isn’t real, it should be. Especially in this day and age. We live in a world that is too serious, too focused on being offended by every breath some stranger never before met takes, and that seems to have a giant stick up it’s rump.

Authors are part of a unique breed. We were either born as, or encouraged as we grew to be dreamers. While many might accuse us that we live with our heads in the clouds, and in some cases this could possibly be true, it’s not that way for everyone. In the heat of the story – sure, absolutely, definitely we’re all wrapped up in what’s happening. But we’re also pretty damn fine multitaskers. After all we have to keep names, places, dates, etc. all straight in our heads while writing, but we can also script notes in our heads while we attend to everyday business. For example many authors have families which means schedules that are insane on a daily basis, they find time for everyone in their lives, and yet still get their writing done. Not that we can’t get days, items, names confused – cause we can.

But authors are a breed, or at least were once upon a time, who didn’t sweat the little things. Unfortunately there seems to be too many cutthroats, too many overly pompous windbags, too many shysters, and too many self-proclaimed best authors flooding the market. People these days seem to view publishing as a get-rich-quick scheme instead of what it is. An expression of the imagination put into words to be shared with family, friends, and strangers near and far.

While I have absolutely nothing against an author making money off their works, we all dream of the day we can do it full time after all, those who are pumping out works faster then I can sneeze three times in a row make me highly suspicious. We need to bring back the dreamers. Bring back the love of the art that is writing a well told, well woven tale that helps the reader escape the harsh realities of our current world. We need to reinvest ourselves, and help others to find the path that is fiction at it’s finest – whatever the genre. Not only is it a relaxing pastime (when things are going great), but it’s also a beneficial one to not just the readers.

An author is an individual who has found a way to zen out in a highly constructive manner. Slipping into another reality for minutes or hours at a go. Pouring out the stresses of the day onto the page, and coming away with something fantastic in the end. And often times a weird twinge, crick or ache from all the strange positions we contort into during the process.

No one said writing couldn’t be a dangerous gig, and if they did – THEY LIED! LOL!

So let’s bring back the dreamers, the visionaries, and all those who can take anything dumped their way with a grain of salt. We need more calming influences in the world, and definitely more wondrous escapes from reality. We only get one shot at this thing called life, why not live it in a fun, amazing, and imaginative manner?

11 thoughts on “Dreamers Wanted #FabulousFriday @AuthorMoira

  1. Well, if it helps, you and Raven aren’t alone in your pain. Apparently, I have done something to offend my left shoulder area and the nerve is pinched or something..blargh! Ice packs, heating pads, and icy hot all around!

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  2. Oh my yes.And hugs re the pain. I console myself I’ll put it in a book one day. If I hadn’t had such a viviid imagination as a chid, and been able to dream, I would have been lonely.
    I’m all for the write enjoy, and take as long as it takes approach.

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    • Hope you’re feeling better too, Raven. Sucks to be in pain.
      And yes, I’ve always believed that you can’t rush the muse. Sometimes a story fills in fast and hard, other times it takes a while to cure just right. While I wish I could pound out stories every week, it’s not how my brain works. I’m the type that needs things to flow in just the right manner to fill in my vision.


  3. “We need to reinvest ourselves, and help others to find the path that is fiction at it’s finest – whatever the genre.” Wow, great quote, Moira.
    I have to remember, I can only be responsible for my own writing and the quality of those words. I can only hold myself to the higher standard, not other authors, but I can help them by organizing critiquing groups and author training for my local RWA.
    Thanks for reminding me to make a difference and to keep the passion of writing alive in myself. ❤

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    • Thank you, Jules! You’re right, we can only be responsible for ourselves and our writing. Looking to others for inspiration is one thing, but looking to them and using them as the stick we measure ourselves by is futile. Might as well beat ourselves with that stick instead, it’ll hurt less.


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