Raven begs… please don’t shout at me…

Oh my giddy goodness. I feel like the white rabbit, late for an important date. rabbit


I forgot it was Thursday.

Well that’s not strictly true because I put my guest up on my blog, but it just didn’t register. Thursday… The day before Friday…


Thursday. I’m the quiller. But, dear anyone who is actually reading this and hasn’t rolled their eyes and gone in search of wine…(that’ll be me soon) may I plead extenuating circumstances? My carefully crafted post seems to have never got from my mind to my lap top. I blame that on the middle of the night musings. It was my wedding anniversary and as ever Dh forgot. Though he did try to con me with a new shelf for the fridge and an angelic, you didn’t really  think I forgot?

Good try but no. I know he did …

Actually he’d made up for it with a weekend away at some point in the future…

Argh, I’m doing the digressing again.

Anyway, I apologise for no post, hope you will understand, and just add. We are all human and sometimes…we forget things. This week, this was one of mine.

And on that note I better get back to my edits… Where I seem to have forgotten basic grammar and what house style is required.

Now where’s that wine?

wine cartoon

Next week, I promise something a bit more meaningful. Though wine is meaningful isn’t it?

After all it comes from grapes, and grapes are fruit, and fruit of one of your five a day and…

Shut up Raven. Go forth and edit. And schedule next weeks post…

happy reading, writing and whatever,


Raven xxx

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