Raven rambles on Reviews…

Hi all, Raven here. Maybe that heading should read…or…When a review isn’t a review…

What can you do…other than eat too much chocolate and feel sick, and drink a bottle of wine and drown your sorrows.

wine cartoon (pic Pinterest)

What am I talking about?

Spoilers. Those reviews that just set out everything in the book. Every little plot turn and nuance. So well if you read the review you might just think, why bother buying and reading the book. You know the ending.

Now I don’t for one moment any reviewer rubs their hands together and thinks ohh lets tell everything and spoil the book . I think they must be so excited (or fed up) they just go on about everything that happened in the book without realizing that in doing so, they have given the plot away and spoiled it for anyone else.

Not the best case scenario. Many an author has wished they had shares in a chocolate company or winery after having one of those. All those hours of creating a story to keep your readers on tenterhooks, spoiled.

A screaming woman and books

What to do? Sadly if the review is up, not a lot unless you can mark it as unhelpful, or get it taken down. Even get spoiler alert added to it. And hope it doesn’t happen again.

Now if you ask ten people what they think a review should and shouldn’t be, you’ll get twenty or more different answers. (Believe me, I did, and I did J) After all it’s like anything, we are all different and have our own likes and dislikes. However one thing was said over and over again. Please, no spoilers.

I don’t have a definitive answer. I also have likes and dislikes, which might not coincide with other peoples.

But in the main, the things that were wanted were as follows…


Clear, no rambling.

Straightforward reasons what was and was not liked, and why. As one person said, to say you loved it or hated it, tells one nothing. Even if it is just, I loved it because of the mental pictures it created, or the hero made me go weak at the knees, it a valid reason. As is, sorry but the heroine made me want to throw things when she ignored all the signs… (That makes me want to discover what signs.)

Even le sigh… the geographical, (or grammatical) errors put me off.

No bitchiness. It really is unnecessary, and unpleasant. Would you want that said about to you?

If the reviewer just have to give away the denouement or whatever, put those two words, warning spoilers as a heading. Then you can chose whether to read it or not.

And they didn’t want…



A review that says nothing relevant or informative.

A review that is so long you lose the will to live. (No, I have no idea how long that is, as I said ask ten people get twenty answers)

So there you have it. Just really, no spoilers please.

Happy reading,

Love, Raven x

2 thoughts on “Raven rambles on Reviews…

  1. I think it might be a case of excitement in the review sometimes. They love the book so much that they can’t wait to share that love…so the spoiler just rushes from them without thought. I guess my overall take is I’d rather have reviews that tell too much than no reviews at all. Good, bad, ugly…they’re meant for the readers, not the writer anyway.


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