Because It’s The Right Thing To Do

No, you haven’t just woken up inside your worst nightmare, where it’s actually Monday and you thought it was Saturday. LOL!! I’m filling in for Kacey Hammell, who is unable to post today.

This wonderful song, by the amazing Carly Simon, is from her 1972 album, No Secrets. I chose the song because although the lyrics have nothing to do with my post today, the song title does. LOL!!

Specifically, I’m talking about doing the right thing in terms of pimping your fellow authors. Call it conscience, karma, instinct, or something else, it’s the desire to help another author succeed, without expecting anything from that author in return.

This isn’t a zero sum game. There is room for all of us. Helping to promote your fellow authors brings rewards that aren’t immediately seen, but have far-reaching consequences.

Aside from introducing me to books and new authors I might otherwise miss, promoting other authors provides me the opportunity to network. Most authors are more than happy to reciprocate pimpage, so when I have a new release, I know I’ll receive their promotion and support in return.

Romance as a genre has a bad enough rap from misguided beliefs about what we write, in-fighting among authors, readers, and bloggers that goes public, and certain authors behaving like divas from time to time. We don’t need to add to that by keeping all the glory for ourselves, and refusing to pimp each other.

Helping another author doesn’t even have to be in the form of a guest blog on your website. You can do something as simple as share another author’s release. I do that every day for my fellow Evernight authors, even when I’m not Facebook friends with them and can tag them so they see my post. Why? It’s the right thing to do. I write for that house, too. A win for one Evernight author is a win for each of us.

If your schedule allows it, you can join in their events, or at least share them so other readers who might not follow that particular author can join. The list of how you can support other authors is endless. The rewards are, too. You never know where a friendship with a particular author will take you.

Until next week, Happy Writing!!


4 thoughts on “Because It’s The Right Thing To Do

  1. Pimping out one author usually leads them to pointing me at another author that I’ll like, and the same goes for me. If you like this, you’ll definitely want to check out these authors, too. It’s so easy. It takes only a minute or two. Excellent post. I hope more people follow this rule of thumb.

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