Novel Rank and Amazon…. with @aprilzyon

Hello my darlings and Happy Friday. How are you all this lovely Friday morning? Me, I’m wonderful because I’m actually OFF! Oh yes my sweet wonderful people I am actually off work for a change. ❤

So, as the above states I’m writing about Novel Rank and Amazon.

Now, I know some of you are scratching your head and are thinking, April, what the hell is NovelRank?

** From the NovelRank site **


Now, if you are an author this is something that we could all use, right? Exactly! Those of us that are with publishers really could use this tool so that we could judge approximately how our book is doing, right?

Well let me tell you a small little truth here…

They are wrong.

The sales rankings found on NovelRank are wrong.

First – they only START when you ADD your book to the novelrank site.

Second – the sales numbers are woefully inaccurate

Third – they only give you sales numbers from, not all of the other countries that you sell in as well. (Canada, UK, Australia,  Germany, Italy, eta)

So why do we use it?

Because its the only thing that we have right now.

I know, I know, you are all reading this and saying, “But, April…”

Let me tell you what I decided to do —-

I’m not going to worry about my rankings [MUCH]. (HA! Bites my finger on that one!) What I am going to do however is going to focus on what I CAN CONTROL –

  • I’m going to write the next book
  • I’m going to make it the best book that I can
  • I’m going to continue to be positive
  • I’m going to have a smile on my face every day
  • I’m going to promote other authors daily because I love my fellow authors (I’m a HUGE reader)

In the end that’s about all that we can do, you can only do what is in your power to control. You can’t control what is out of your power, you can only do what is inside of  your realm of influence.

So go forth my darlings and know that even if you are tracking your ranks on Novel Rank and you show you have only sold 8 or 9 books, don’t let it get you down because its not the end all, be all of tracking systems.


❤ April



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