Raven rambles on…silence


No…that is not a contradiction. Raven rambles on not in. Come on? Really? Me silent altogether? cue hysterical laughter That’s about as likely as me not eating chocolate and drinking sav blanc.

Silent on some things now? Ah, that’s a different matter.

Anyway, hi all, here’s my Raven ramblings and Thursday thoughts on …

Silence is sometimes golden.

Do we know when it is time to ‘button our lips”? To keep quiet about something that really is none of our business, or and that is a big or, is nasty, vindictive and positively troll like.


I bet you are all nodding sagely and saying well duh. What does Raven think we are?

Human, that’s what.

I seem to have seen a lot of nasties, a lot of bandwagons jumped on and a lot of cases where that button your lip scenario would have been better to have been followed by a lot of people.

It’s so easy to get caught up in something, and then have a wee paddy, spit the dummy out attack when what you want to happen isn’t in fact what does happen.

This is not the majority of people’s actions. I know that.

But, those few numptys who do behave like that, spoil things for the rest of us.

I know, I really do that it’s easy to think you are only expressing your opinion, and of course as a lot of us are lucky enough to live in a free world, to express our opinion is our right.

But to deliberately target someone with vitriol because they haven’t done what you want…now that is not.

I’m not pointing the finger at anyone, but (god that bloody word again) before you comment on something do the hover. Let your finger hover over the keyboard, let your words hover in your mouth before those words are unleashed into the world. Because once you’ve shared them, you can’t drag them back.

They are out for everyone to see, read and comment on.

As a lot of us quillers have mentioned lately, we as authors accept not everyone will like everything we do. That is perfectly understandable. Yes, it stings when someone dislikes your baby, but that is life. As we all harp on ad nauseam, it would be boring if we all liked the same things.

However as a change from ‘but’ there are ways of explaining, or exclaiming your dislike, displeasure and dismay.

Being downright shitty is not one of them.

Rudeness is never the way to go.

We really do try to do our best to please our readers, we really do. Sometimes, we know you will be disappointed if things don’t go as you want them to. Even so please don’t take it personally, or take your annoyance out in a bitter and twisted manner on the author.

And maybe think on this… This time you might be disappointed. Next time it could be someone else.

So… those golden words… button your lip…hover your fingers…think before you cause a stink.

Don’t show your self to be an idiot.


After all, karma will rear up and bite you in the bum if you don’t.

Or is it that you really want to be the baddie who meets a particular violent and painful death in someone’s next book?


 (all pictures, pinteres)

Happy, pleasant, reading

Love Raven x

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