That niggling sensation… @aprilzyon

Have you ever had that sensation at the back of your mind where you know that you want to write something and its just on the tip of your fingers to write but you can’t quite get it out?

What’s worse is when that rat-fink of a sensation FINALLY comes out and you are doing something where you can’t write it down… like driving, bathing, working, in the dentist chair (yes, that happened), doctors office and so on the list goes.

So what do you do when you are like me and have the memory of a gnat? Well that’s the question of the hour. So far I have tried a variety of things, such as the voice memo on my phone, post it notes, scribbling on napkins at the restaurant and so on. I’ve tried a little bit of everything and so far – honestly – there hasn’t been one thing that has worked perfectly.

The one and only thing that HAS worked? I keep on keeping on. I don’t try to force my muse into writing something that it doesn’t want to write, don’t try to force my memory into working when it very obviously doesn’t want to work. That’s the only advise that I can offer.

Aside from that, what else is this post about? This post is about keeping true to yourself and those niggling feelings that you get? Write them down when you have a chance, because you never know where those sensations will lead you. Mine have led me out of this world, into the realm of shifters and crime families. I live through my imagination and those niggling sensations are amazing, even if they are more than a bit annoying at the times that they decide to finally “show their faces” – so to speak.

So go out there my darlings and pull out those notebooks that held your fantasies and niggles and see what you have in there. You never know, you might just have clues to your next adventure in writing!

Until next time darlings.

❤ April


2 thoughts on “That niggling sensation… @aprilzyon

  1. Oh how true this is. And I think that overworking or stressing our brains can have detrimental effects, too causing basically a blockage. It has been proven that there are only a certain number of decisions the brain can make in a day, ask it to do more than that and the neurons start overloading and short circuiting. So trusting it will work when it’s ready is huge for me. Great thought provoking post.

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