Raven Ponders on privacy

Hi all, Raven here…

Thursday thoughts on privacy.

Is this a rant? No for once it isn’t. It’s more of a ponder.

(I do enjoy a good ponder)

You know it might only be me, but I sometimes wonder why some people think they need to share everything last thing in their lives including their bra size (38C), what they had for breakfast (cornflakes and gluten free toast), and how often they make love (enough).

I also wonder why on earth other people are so interested in knowing every little detail about others.

2D Man think bubble

What makes it so important that people feel they have to detail every last thing on social media? Like an up to date town crier, doing the oyez, oyez stuff but not about the world in general.

I honestly don’t know.

It’s okay to have a bit of yourself you don’t share. Privacy isn’t a dirty word. If you have part of your life you want to keep to yourself, why not? Everything doesn’t have to be aired in public. It might be because it really isn’t that interesting, like my gluten free toast. It could be because it involves other people. Or it simply could be because really it’s no ones business except your own.

Don’t feel guilty about it.

After all if you want to wear red knickers, no knickers or granny pants, that’s your choice.


(source pinterest)

As authors we share a lot of ourselves with our readers. However much you might not want to, a lot of ‘us’ goes into anything we write. Not that every hero or heroine we create is based on us, I don’t mean that. Nor that our characters opinions are necessarily ours. But our passions our creative juices if you like, are colored by our perceptions of our world. That’s as it should be. You can’t help but share that part of you.

But every other little detail?

That is your decision and don’t let anyone make you feel you should put everything up for scrutiny.

After all who was it that said, everyone should have a little air of mystery about them?

So no, I’m not telling you if I’m wearing red, knickers, no knickers or granny pants.

Until next week,

Happy reading, writing, and whatever,

Love Raven x

2 thoughts on “Raven Ponders on privacy

  1. I think some people feel they have to share everything because that’s the only way they know how to connect to others. They post every little detail (ick) on social media to get those comments, to get others to say “I get that!” and then they don’t feel alone any longer.

    One thing I’ve learned about some of those “I’m an open book” people… they truly aren’t. They will share every non-essential tidbit of information in their life, but you never really know anything about them. (I’m a little like this. I keep to myself.)

    I never know what to prefer – the ones who post vague fragments to get 50 “are you okay! pm me!” comments or the ones who want you to know just how they clogged the toilet. *shudder*

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