Pass me the chocolate #TuesdayThoughts from Doris (@mamaD8)

Hello, lovely peeps, Doris here. This is not the post I had in mind for today’s NQ piece, but after a manic Monday and a Tuesday which is promising to be just as fraught, I simply haven’t got the brainpower for a more coherent post.

So, as the title says, pass me the chocolate, or the wine, or whatever your chill out go to food is.

For me, it has got to be Cadburys.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar

Nectar of the gods, as far as I am concerned and I can literally inhale it. There are days when hubby has been known to wave it like a white flag before he sticks his head round the corner.


So, I hear you ask, why the need to gorge on chocolate, Doris. Who has rattled your cage this time?

Well, no one actually. I’ve just had one of those days where I haven’t stopped, and my current need for chocolate and complete frazzled brain syndrome is no doubt linked to that time of the month. I often moan about the unfairness of it all to my long-suffering hubby.

You’d think, once your family is complete, you could turn the darn things off, especially when you’re fast approaching the big 50.  Anyhoo, I digress, but I thought it might be fun to talk you through my manic day.

Bear in mind that I’m very much an introvert, and all this conversing with folks and dashing about…… gah, pass the chocolate. 😉

So, I woke up to the sounds of arguing little boys, and a kitten purring in my ear. Nothing new there. Checking my e-mails on my phone, a little squeal, as I’ve got edits.

Followed by, “OMG, I have edits, and I can’t do them straight away.”

(I have an almost Pavlov Dog response to edits, in so far that I cannot leave them, and I must, at the very least, check what I have to do.)

So quick squizz (very much a squizz and a squint, as I haven’t got my glasses on at that point) at the editor’s checklist and a sigh of relief. Yeah, okay knew she was going to pull me up on that, and yeah will have to write that epilogue I had in mind.

Get up, stumble to the coffee pot, console youngest of two boys who’s been pushed over by big brother. Read big bro the riot act.

Have a sip of coffee.


Get shool uniform out of the dryer, wake up the older ones, have a quick shower, put face on, while breaking up another argument and giving the 16-year-old (aka the walking dead) another shake.

Remind 12-year-old to make sure she comes straight home as she has a dentist appt after school. Give 16-year-old another shake, help 5-year-old get dressed while explaining why he really does need to wear underpants to school.

Take another sip of coffee, while herding boys out to the car for the school run.

Come home and turn the house upside down, because our German Shepherd Kiyo has a vet’s appt for his six-monthly check-up and vaccinations, and you’ve forgotten to search for his boosters card. (He’ll need it as going into Kennels in the summer.)

Look at the time, not having found his card, screech and herd him in the car. Make it to vets with a minute to spare.

Get a clean bill of health for him (phew) but end up signing him for the doggie equivalent of Weight Watchers, as he’s gained over 3 kilos. Get new vaccination card for him, while you’re there.


Drive home, take him on an extra walk, cause ya know…. exercise and all that.

Finally get to have a full cup of coffee, and eat breakfast, then tidy up the house. Tell 16-year-old you will have to take her to college early cause ya know, when you get behind that laptop, edits….

Roll your eyes, when said 16-year-old asks you to pick her up from college today, as she also has dentist appt.

Drop her off at college, grab another cup of coffee, throw another wash load on, stick one in the dryer, grab some soup, and finally sit behind laptop.

Pimp the guests on your blog, check in on reader group, and then get to check your edits. Manage to do just under an hour’s worth, then dash out the door to collect daughter from college.

Ignore frantic “Where are you,” texts while driving, and reassure her in a hands-free phone call (equally as frantic – that girl has a flair for the dramatic) that I’m minutes away. Drive straight from college to pick up youngest from school.

Make that all-important after school sarnie, while keeping an eye out for the 12-year-old. Where is she?

Said 12-year-old arrives looking like a drowned rat, as the heavens have opened up. Quick change and herd the two girls in the car, having ensured 19-year-old is in the house to look after 5-year-old.

Dentist appt goes well, but takes ages, as girls get some Flouride treatment and a prescription for mouthwash. Get straight back in the car to get the 9-year-old from after school club.

Once home cook dinner, while signing two contracts, and supervising 9-year-old’s painting of his Roman shield for homework.

Stop kitten from traipsing all over the newly painted shield, while hunting out cardboard for a spear to go with the shield.

Get to eat dinner,  wash up dishes etc, convince little boys that it really is bedtime.

Look at the time, and go, “Crapola, I still have to write this post for NQ among other things.”

Be a good wife and greet returning hubby. 😉

Put another wash load on, fourth today, just saying!

Hit the chocolate and then type up this ramble. Collapse.

Submerged by the working documents

Where is that chocolate again? I wouldn’t mind, but it’s only the beginning of the week, and the rest of the lined up days promise to be just as crazy.

Oh, the joys. Somehow I will find the time, to finish these edits, help the lovely Raven with the blurb I promised her, and oh get back to my WIP. My two heroes are driving me hard, and they are not best pleased with having to wait to get into the heroine’s knickers. 😉

Anyhoo, if you’re still with me after all that ramble, here’s some chocolate.

Do stay naughty, folks.

D xxx



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