No Flouncing Zone

Ravennas Monday MumblingsWelcome to Ravenna’s Monday Mumblings!

Heard a story a while ago about an author who got so butthurt because her submission didn’t make it into something or other she had her heart set on, that she decided she no longer wanted to play in the sandbox. This was only her second submission to that publisher, AND it wasn’t even a rejection. She was given an R&R – Revise and Resubmit – for a different line at that publisher. She refused to rewrite the story.

WOW…as-god-is-my-witness Give me a break. Seriously.

The reality of the publishing industry is that sometimes your story isn’t right for that publisher, at that time, or for the line you submitted it to. Doesn’t mean it sucks, and it CERTAINLY doesn’t mean the publisher is “wrong” for rejecting things. Yeah. THAT was said, too. When did it become a publisher’s obligation to never reject a story??? HUH???

This is a BUSINESS. Your publisher can’t make money unless the books sell. They know (or they SHOULD know!) which books sell best in which of their lines. That’s their business. YOURS is to write the stories. If they aren’t a good fit one place, and ESPECIALLY if you’re given a chance to submit it to another line, don’t be a damn diva. Submit the story to another line. Does it really matter where it fits, as long as it does? Isn’t that the whole point of submitting it to a publisher in the first place?

diva-blingNO ONE – I don’t care who they are, how many lists they make, or how many figures their royalty checks have – NO ONE has had every single story they ever submitted accepted without question. If they have, I’d run as far away from that publisher as I could. It means they take anything and everything, and they’re nothing but a mill.

Rejection, along with R&R, is part of this business. You can’t handle it? Try self-publishing and then dealing with the Kindle boards or the Goodreads bunch. HOO, BABY! You have NO CLUE how hurtful “rejection” can feel until you tangle with some of the trolls in those places! Authors have quit writing over the intense bullying such places are known for.

welcome-to-realityCliché time… Put on your big girl panties. Suck it up, buttercup.

Vent if you need to. By all means. That’s why we have friends. Rant about it and get it off your chest. But then sit down and revise the damn thing, or submit it to another publisher if you think it’s good the way it is.

But don’t be foolish (or RUDE!) enough to declare you no longer want to play with others at that publisher, simply because you had ONE story that wasn’t right for a particular line.

You may have burned a bridge (or two) there, chicklet. I hope it was worth it.

Until next week, Happy Writing!!

10 thoughts on “No Flouncing Zone

  1. So well said, Ravenna. Sure rejection hurts, but it’s also an opportunity to become a better writer. I’d say any publisher would think twice of accepting something from an author who acted like that, and rightfully so.
    Diva behavior like that shouldn’t be rewarded or encouraged in any profession. Thanks for the reminders that even if we’re rejected we still need to practice decorum. It’s not always easy, but it’s the right thing to do for the future of our careers.

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  2. Fab post, Ravenna. Diva’s will always get what’s coming to them, and usually it’s a nasty reputation that follows them like a plague through their entire career.

    I’ll admit that to date I’ve been lucky and haven’t had an R&R, but I know my lucky streak can only hold for so long. I’m not delusional enough to think that I’ll be able to go much longer without one happening, and I’m quite sure it’ll feel like a slap in the face – for the first few seconds. Then the old brain will kick back in and I’ll realize that I must have been lazy somewhere along the way, and it obviously needs to be fixed, which they are giving me the opportunity to do. And that’s what it is, an opportunity to make a better product – who the hell cares what “line” it ends up in if it’s accepted the second go round?

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  3. Good post Ravanna. Some people need to check their ego at the door, doesn’t matter if you have one story published or fifty. Respect for the industry is a must. Does a rejection or R&R hurt? Yes, it can but as you said pull up your big girl pants and work on your story,

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