Fabulous Friday with @aprilzyon

So here we are… its a beautiful Friday and you are here with me, April Zyon and – I’M LATE! Imagine that!

My only excuse is I’ve been sick and honestly I didn’t even realize what day today was until my trainer called me and asked me if I had done my training exercises and I’m like, it’s Wednesday already and he was like… No, its Friday! Well hell’s bells.

So yep, Here is me talking to you on Friday nicely drugged up on flu medication and hoping that this post comes across as halfway readable.

So today I’m going to talk to you about boxsets. Why? Because I was just reminded that I’m going to be in another boxset (Forgot all about it, I’m VERY BAD and seriously need a keeper, all applicants can apply here) and had to remember what it was that I was going to write about.

Anyway, so back to boxsets. These really can be fun to do and write, especially when you are with a group of people that you jive with and have a topic that you all love and all have written before. This particular boxset is going to be awesome because its something I already love to write. (Not telling you because that would give everything away and I’m so not doing that!)

Anyway… I’m going to do a pros and cons sort of thing for Boxsets…. (Boxsets are NOT like Anthology calls like Evernight Publishing has…)


  • You have a short story with several other authors in the same genre, some possibly better known names than yours
  • Your story has a short contract life (typically 6 months) and then rights revert back to you where you can add to and republish your story as you see fit
  • You own all rights to your story
  • You have a set date to turn in your story
  • You have a set publication date
  • You have X amount of other people promoting your work



  • You have a short story with several other authors, sometimes yours gets lost because no one knows who you are. The book was purchased because of the others in the boxset.
  • You pay a small fee upfront for formatting, editing, cover art and marketing (its split between however many people in the boxset)
  • At the end of the contract you have your story back, you have to get a cover done for it and try to self publish it (if you haven’t done this before it can be scary)
  • You have to hire your own editor
  • You have to come up with a story, write it, have it professionally edited within X amount of time and turned in in the hopes you will make some sort of profit from the book.
  • You have to keep up with the promotions of the work (This one is harder than it sounds)


All in all boxsets are fun because they are short works, readers enjoy them because they get to read several authors works for a small price but in the end each author needs to decide for themselves if the pros and cons are worth it for them. I’m sure that the list is far longer for each one, but in my medication riddled mind I couldn’t think of anything more to add to the list. 🙂

So this is me, signing off.

Remember, don’t be a mean girl.

❤ April



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