Raven rambles on If and Only, and wishes they wouldn’t visit so often

Hi all Raven rambling on two little words who are best buddies and visit my WIP much too often, and usually together.

Now honestly I don’t have a grudge against either word per se. But why do they insist on popping in to my WIP and them sprawling all over the place? They sometimes bring their friend just along as well, and take command. Add themselves willy nilly and then laugh at me when I don’t notice.

And do they listen when I insist they go away?


(Source , Pinterest)

Hmm debatable to be honest. I think they disguise themselves until I’ve read past them.

Luckily I have a reditor (red penning person ie beta reader Doris) who points.them out to me.

The gist of this ramble i very simple. we all have favourite words we use over and over. And (that’s another one of mine) often we don’t realise. But hopefully your trusty beta and editor will.

However there is something you can do oh so easily to check. I’m not talking about apps and things. Keep a note of those visitors. Go into your doc and click on the find and replace bit. (Techo-basic is me, it’s at the top left on mine.) Type in the word… the ‘I’m going to crawl all over your WIP word’ whatever it is. Then be ready to cry when you see how many times it’s there.

What you do next is up to you…

happy writing,

love Raven x



2 thoughts on “Raven rambles on If and Only, and wishes they wouldn’t visit so often

  1. Mine are “just” and “that” and sometimes “something” and “okay”…My characters often want something that just is okay. See! Using them all in a sentence sounds ridiculous! Thank god for critique partners and editors.


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