A Great Editor… @aprilzyon

Hello folks and welcome back to another Friday with me, April Zyon. Today is going to be a short post because I have edits. YAY! I know that’s so strange that I would be “YAY’ing” having edits but the truth is a really great editor makes you think. They make you question what you’ve already written and they find those loopholes that you missed.

A great editor will also find the issues with the “its” “it’s” “your” “you’re” and so on’s. Believe me. They will read the whole book from start to finish without their red pen in hand and then they will go through line by line and start red pening the heck out of your MS. THIS IS GOOD. Don’t let this scare you! They are trying to make your MS better, not worse.

*I will make one caveat on this, that is if an editor is trying to change your voice and not your grammar. NEVER let anyone change your voice, OR your story! (unless you left yourself a loophole or mistake like I did with my latest MS but it is an easy fix and one that she left in MY hands to fix and didn’t try to fix for me.)

I’ve been very lucky, I’ve had amazing editors with Evernight Publishing and I really hope that I continue to have the ones that I’ve had because they make me think. They get me and my quirks and inconsistencies and so far (that I know of) haven’t threatened to kill me. So that’s a huge plus there!

So, in conclusion – yes the story is yours but you need an editor that WILL MAKE YOU THINK, one that has your best interest at heart and one that will call you on your inconsistencies. (Mine called me on my overuse of a word as well. SO…. There is that as well!)

Don’t accept an editor who doesn’t give feedback or only half asses a job, you are better than that!

There, I think that’s it.

Now its time for me to go. ❤

Much love to you all.

Remember, treat everyone with respect and don’t be a mean girl.

❤ April

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