Raven Rambles on cleanliness, and two pairs of eyes

A clean mean writing machine?

No I don’t mean the machine bit but it has a certain ring to it.


(source pinterest)

What I do mean is hey have you checked your m/s for errors. Is it as clean as you can possibly make it?

You know most of us established authors (hey that is so good to be able to say) are always ready to help out newbies or our peers in looking for errors in a M/s.

But and this is a big but, we aren’t doing it all for you. It is up to you to check check, and check again. First. Before you send it to anyone be it as a sub or to a beta.

Look for those dreaded –ing words, comma splices and run on sentences. Known to me and Doris O’Connor as DDS—Doris deadly sentences, because when she was a newbie that was her failing. Mine is a fault called Ravenfingers, or why write the word the way it should when you can so easily transpose letters?

(Doris and I have beta read for each other since the beginning of our writing careers. We call it ‘rediting’ ie red pen-ing, and she is a dab had at translating. Even moans it is catching.


But, I digress. (An easy thing to do)

None of this is done on purpose though.

I’m seeing (and hearing) more and more how people ask for help and send off half baked m/s and expect whoever to sort it out for them.

Just…no. That is your job.

I’ll be the first one to admit, often, when you go over your own m/s you read what you know should be there, not what it actually says. I do. It takes my reditor to go ‘Oy, what planet are you on there…’, before I hit my head on the desk and go, now why didn’t I notice that? Letters missed out (vice not voice anyone) transposed (fuct not fact—yes I do mean fact) and names (Argh I actually typed manes but luckily caught it) changed (Don becomes Ron, Frances changes sex to Francis) All so very easy to do.

So my advice for what it is worth. Everyone needs someone. Find yours and be nice to him/her/them.

It’s not so much as your country needs you, but you need a reditor!

Until next week,

happy, writing reading and ahem, rediting 😉

love Raven xx

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