Raven rambles and continues to remember… How to go off the boil, or deflate like a balloon…

After last weeks post on this very subject, and hearing other people’s views, I’ve cheated a bit this week and carried on with those thoughts.

And I found this pic for this scenario.


”Mummy, the cat’s in the loo and I need to pee.”

(<<<<Source pinterest)


(I had to rescue one of our cats from falling in the loo once. Not thankfully as we were about to make love.




And this pic with regards to alternative implements




I’d love those, ^^^ Er for cooking, for cooking… 😉

When you think about it, there is humour in everything. Just not necessarily when you’re in the mood for something else.

You know what I mean,

Consider how you’d feel—later—if you found your condoms blown up and decorating the gatepost because, well if you have balloons it must be someone’s birthday… or as footwear… yeah…safe-feet-look-daddy-i-39-m-wearing-your-socks-baby-puts-on-condoms-wtf-best-hilarious-jokes-funny-pictures-walmart-humor-fail-funny-things-funny-pics-funny-shit-socks-funny-stuff-humor-funnies-baby

I must admit this pic made me giggle.

Can you imagine that as you hunt for the damned box?

Humor works in more than one way. (source pinterest >>>>>)

Now I’m off to check no one is around to ask the way to the city (not up this lane, mate unless your car is an amphibious vehicle), next door’s cat isn’t trying to get in the fridge, the door is locked and no visitors expected or otherwise are likely to catch me, us, ah  well…

happy writing,

love Raven xx

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