Hump Day Hangout-A New Girl on the Naughty Block #HumpDayHangout with @JulesofTripleR

Hump Day Hangout-A New Girl on the Naughty Block

Waves to everyone! Hello out there!

SONY DSCFirst, a giant thank you to Naughty Quills for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this blog and to have a little voice in this great big world.**Mwah** and ❤ to all of you.

Second, I’m the new girl on the naughty block–Jules Dixon. I write New Adult Romance from the biggest small town you’ll ever visit, Omaha, Nebraska. This area is also known as the heartland of the USA, which is pretty fitting for penning stories of love and romance. I write about all versions/combos of love, but near to my heart is writing Male/Male and Female/Female romance, but hell, any romance that makes my heart tick-tick a little faster is fair game.

Today I’d like to talk about what you’ll be seeing from me and what you won’t be seeing here on the blog in the future.

YES!—Tips on writing, everything from plotting methods to character sketch ideas. Even things that I love in books, like tropes and common characters and settings.

No—Politics. As much as I have an opinion, you’ll never hear it. Hump Days will be for getting away and taking a break from it all.

YES!—Sexy snippets from my past and upcoming books and pictures that go with them. Learn about my worlds and who I see in them!

No—Bashing of writers or the writing world. This business is rough and has good and bad, but we don’t need to make it rougher on each other. I promise to only uplift and encourage.

YES!—Things that make me go…hmmm? Whether that is something that happened to me or something I read in the reading and writing world. If it sticks with me, you might see me hang it out here for thoughts.

No—Bull$hit/click bait marketing. As much as I’d love for you to buy my books, I’ll never ask you to. If you find me interesting and like what I write here, then you make the first move. I’m kinda shy, so I’ll never make a move on you. Promise.

YES!—Always to end with a funny hump day meme that will get you through your day with a smile.

Speaking of smiles, just so you can put a face with a name—here’s me.


I go through hair colors as if a rainbow sits on my head. Right now the strands are kind of a magenta-raspberry blend with blonde, but there’s been purple and teal and hot pink and…well, maybe someday I’ll ask for a vote on the next color here.



So, next week let’s promise to have a date. Right back here. I’ll bring the tequila, you bring the limes. ‘Til then, here’s your hump day meme…



❤ Jules



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