There Are No Comparisons #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)

Good morning everyone! Kacey here again. Another week has come and gone, it’s now the weekend and winter is hanging on by every cold icicle and flake of snow in my part of the world. But I survived another week of winter and with that, I can say, I accomplished something! *g*

I didn’t accomplish as many new words as I’d hoped I would but I ended the week learning something very important…I am an author who writes for herself. My husband and I have had many conversations on increasing sales, it’s an author’s goal to make decent money doing this job – no harm in wanting to do so. Hubby’s usual advice, “find the next trend and/or write the first of its kind that will start a new trend”. Non writers make it sound so easy. I’ve never been a writer who likes being “trendy” or doing what others are doing. The stories I write come to me at the oddest times and weirdest ways, sometimes in dreams, while driving, and Jesus… *blush* … even when cleaning the bathroom! LOL I wasn’t cleaning the commode thankfully, only the mirror and a story sprang to mind. I haven’t finished that particular one just yet but story ideas arrive when we least expect them.

I’ve learned this week not to compare myself to others. All writers have their doubtful moments, think they write a better story than this bestseller or that one, and it could be true. But we have to learn to not compare ourselves to those who might be doing better than we perceive ourselves to me. When these moments happen, think to yourself…

Is the writer happy with what s/he has written? (Sometimes they aren’t but as “bigger” sellers, they have to get that next story out. They MUST produce something in order to remain “at the top”.)

Is it the same old same old thing – different character names and everything else is the same? (Boring! So very boring.}

Is the quality of the written words there, or are we looking at quality for the sake of, again, being “at the top”?

Did writer A, B or C, research the hell out of the locale for the story? Did they put in those minute details of depiction that put a reader directly and firmly in the place (example: Rome), and have no trouble imagining sitting in a café somewhere?

Did they edit that first draft to an inch of its life toward perfection?

Again, and most importantly, is the writer happy?

All these questions should skip through your mind as you sit and compare yourself to another writer. We’re all different in every way possible. The process for every author is vastly different and the big things to some mean little to others. Some authors, truthfully, don’t care about quantity over quality, nor do some care about the context of their erotic romances and abide the no pedophilia, no bestiality, no rape … etcetera etcetera.

YOU can only be YOU. There is only ONE YOU who can tell YOUR stories. Only YOU!

And there is only ONE ME! (Thank goodness lol) The soul that I write with is all mine. Unique to me.  I have to remind myself of that sometimes. I get caught up in the low sales some quarters, the lists that I don’t make and the lack of productivity I sometimes don’t have on the days that words aren’t flowing. I have to cut myself some slack once in a while, and so do you.

We’ve all said it a time or two on this blog – write for you and you alone. Don’t let the pressures of needing to feel validated by hitting some bestseller list, no matter how nice that is. Or the pressure of pleasing a publisher with more stories to reach some imaginary quota. Don’t push yourself into a corner so much that your writing is stifled.

So, stop comparing yourself to others writers. We’re all different with different goals, aspirations, and our talent for writing great stories is unique to all of us.

Do you. Write for you. And simply be happy. Enjoy the occupation of being an author who has a gift to share.



Until next week,

Happy Writing. xoxo

Kacey (2)


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