Raven’s Thursday thoughts on ‘a funny thing happened on the way to a climax’

Raven Rambles about sex…or reasons for the lack of it.

Coitus interruptus for all the wrong reasons can be very, very funny. (When you get your sense of humour back.)


You know the scenario. Anyone with kids has been there, seen it, done it and got the t-shirt.

OH is about to get down and dirty, rampant and ready to go—both of you—and you hear the pitter patter of tiny feet. Then… “Mummy, I need to pee.”

(Source pinterest)

Or even worse… Mummy, Daddy, “I feel…”  The sound of vomiting… “have been sick.”

Off with the sexy hot and horny hat, and on with the toilet training, vomit clearing parent one.

And boy is it hard to go back to the sexy person you felt ‘before’. More than likely you’ll have a shower grab your comfy Pj’s and make a coffee before you head to bed. To sleep.

But you know, that can become a funny interlude in a deep dark, or hot and sexy romantic story if you want it to be.

So could the new neighbors calling just as you and Oh are naked apart from whatever you happen to include in whatever scene you want to act out.

Or the parents dropping by as you try out the new spatula for a spanking session, or the stairs to see if position number 35 in the article you read in your magazine really does work.

Even looking at a banana and thinking Hmmm


(Source pinterest)

I’ve used a lot of these in various books and they give me a giggle just writing them Plus sometimes it is good to drop the heat, and tension, give your reader a breather and then ratch it up again.

Parents see you, offer their advise, the Vicar asks if you need counselling, The neighbours give you marks out of ten. The kids go back to sleep but you are on edge.

You know what I mean,

Humor works in more than one way.

Personally I love a giggle in a book. For me, it makes it a bit more realistic.

As my very lovely great aunt once said to me, “You know? Men’s dangly bits. Well half the time they just droop swing and sway. Most of the rest of the time, they try to perk up and appear interested. Then once in a while they manage it. That’s usually when you’re busy elsewhere. Then the either droop and go all sulky or jab you somewhere to make you pay attention.” The visions that gave me, I tell you!

Whether you get stabbed by a cock in the eye, or don’t get that far due to vomiting kids, I hope you and your characters enjoy themselves.

And your banana is perfect for whatever you want it for (Fruit salad anyone?)


Happy writing,

Love, Raven x

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