Tagging to Earn Gifts for yourself

Hello all and welcome to another Wednesday with me, April. How is everyone doing on this chilly LAST Wednesday of January? (Hard to believe how quickly time has flown isn’t it? I mean it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Christmas and then New Years Day!)

So, what brings me to my post today? Well it seems as if lately I’ve been getting a metric shit-ton of tags from random people that I never talk to where they are wanting to win gift certificates, Kindles, purses, books, etc. Why the tags? Because the authors that are giving the things away are specifically stating that the more people that are “tagged” and the more the posts are “shared” the more likely it is for the person to win.

Well color me pissed off when I sign on to FB and see that someone has tagged me in no less than 25 (No shit here) different freaking damn things for authors I’ve never heard of, and these are even people that I DON’T EVEN TALK TO! For real people, this is the same sort of shit that pisses authors off when you randomly add them to groups or other stuff like that.

I have my news-feed set so that I have to approve any tags or the such so thankfully my profile isn’t being used to pimp all of these random people, even though to be honest I have ZERO issue pimping people (look at my news-feed people, I share the hell out of peoples new releases and such!) but for people to tag me just so that they can win a $5 Amazon GC, or some random stuff like that it really makes me see red!

So, please do us all a favor and don’t tag every single one of your friends on Facebook to win something. Now if you legitimately have something that you think that your friends might like, then PM them and say – “Hey, you might like this new author, its something right up your alley” – but for the love of All The Smexy Men Out there – don’t tag them and everyone else because that author is giving something away.

Sorry, didn’t mean to rant but I took some time away from Social Media so that I could focus on writing and obviously I didn’t take enough time. LOL! I think I need more! 🙂

Be good to each other! And much love darlings!! ❤



11 thoughts on “Tagging to Earn Gifts for yourself

    • You are very welcome. I’m glad that it was able to resonate with so many of the other ladies on the Block. I will have that it’s not just me that’s suffering from this tagging syndrome.


    • Thank you ma’am. I know it came off as a bit of a rant and that was not my intention. It’s just that I was on my last string this morning. Or rather yesterday morning. And to be honest, really needed to be said.


  1. YES! A million times yes! …..I’ve been struggling with the decision to unfriend ppl who are constantly tagging me on contest posts. But its soooooooooo uncool! Like we don’t already have a million important things to scroll through on notifications.

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  2. Same here. Drives me nuts. However I dislike those contest to begin with. To enter I have to tag someone? Please! Just make a simple rafflecopter contest to like their page and be done with it. I don’t have time to tag people or to be tagged for a contest nor do I have time to do 20 things to enter.


  3. Thank You! A million times Thank You! It drives me crazy that when a person who doesn’t bother talking to me AT ALL tags me for every contest out there. And as much as I can use those gift cards ect., I don’t feel like having to do that to someone else, or share, r sign up for newsletters I don’t want.


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