The Challenge Of Writing Multiple Sex Scenes

Ravennas Monday MumblingsWelcome to Ravenna’s Monday Mumblings! 

Let’s talk about sex. I heard that. Finally… Ravenna is going to talk about something FUN!

Is it? I mean, yes, it is. But is writing it fun? Especially after close to 90 books, most of which are erotic romance, so it’s kind of an expectation that they have multiple sex scenes in them. More than half of those books are MFM menage, so there are not only sex scenes featuring all three, but sex scenes where the heroine is with only one of her men.

It’s challenging. And that’s putting it mildly. Ask any of my fellow authors who are up against that same wall. Pun intended.

maxresdefaultNothing worse than reading a book and realizing the author lifted the sex scene – nearly word-for-word – from one of her other books. The only thing she bothered to change were the names. BLECH. And yet, I’m not the only one who has noticed this from more than one author.

Or how about where the sex scenes are so damn predictable in an author’s books you can almost see the template behind them? Discussion about XYZ here. Check! Mention the condoms here. Check! A little boob action here. Check! A few giggles or shyness here. Check! Here comes the same old, same old boring oral sex scene, right on cue. Check!

tv-sex-scenes-moonlighting-david-maddieAnyone who has had sex in real life with more than one partner already knows that no two human beings on the planet make love in exactly the same way. We’re as unique in that aspect as we are in the sound of our voice, the way we process information, and the color of our eyes. Yes, it’s true. Something to keep in mind as you write the sex scenes.

Here’s another thing to keep in mind. If you’re bored writing them, your readers will be bored reading them. That holds true for any scene you write. But when readers are picking up an erotic romance, they expect eroticism. Not same old, same old, tab A into slot B, with predictable, clinical descriptions, and written with so little emotion that they might as well be reading a recipe.

english-patient-2If your own sex life is that boring, I’m truly sorry. But you need to find a way to fake it in your writing, please. Speaking as a reader, PLEASE find a way. Watch porn. Read something that turns you on. Buy a new toy. Something.

Yes, I realize there are only so many ways you can describe THE ACT. And only so many places on the human body that a penis can fit, a mouth can safely go, or hands and fingers can penetrate and caress. But you’re a WRITER. It’s your job to be creative. You can vary where they have sex, how they have sex, and what they use to make it fun and interesting.

25-hottest-tv-sex-scenes-of-2015-ranked-from-wors-2-3673-1451491545-6_dblbigOne of my favorite Evernight authors does it so well, because she breaks it down to the tiniest detail and describes it, beginning there. She doesn’t get caught up in the big picture, having to describe every damn thing the heroine or hero is wearing – or not. She concentrates on the minutia, to the point you’re drawn right into that scene and into the heroine’s or hero’s body as she/he experiences the sensation. THAT’S the way to write a sex scene.

We all know they’re going to fuck. We know tits will be squeezed and licked, pussies eaten, and cocks sucked. We know juices and cum will be swallowed. You don’t have to write every possible thing two humans can do together in bed within the same scene to make it erotic and stimulating. You only have to make that one little thing emotional, exciting, and sensual as fuck to get a reader’s attention.

maxresdefault-twoI’m just as guilty as anyone of becoming complacent in writing my sex scenes. And I also tend to want to fit everything into each one. I forget to describe those five senses along with the emotion. I’m writing this post as much for me as for each of you.

And speaking of emotion, don’t forget that part! Again, if you write a scene in such a way that anyone could be lying in that bed, or bent over that table, your readers will be bored.

It’s supposed to be emotional! It’s supposed to be fun! It’s supposed to feel better than freaking ANYTHING! Show that to your readers, even if the only act in that particular scene is a hand job, or a smoking hot kiss. Your readers will thank you for it.

Until next week… Happy Writing!!

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