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Moira here welcoming you to another edition of #SensualSunday. Today we’re going to take things back to the beginning, to set the record straight, and to get you new authors out of your heads for a while. Because it be dangerous up in there.

As every writer, no matter what you’re writing, knows that first spillage of words onto the page is your Draft copy. What too many people forget is, it’s your Draft people! It doesn’t need to be perfect, you don’t need to remember every single rule to writing during this time, you don’t have to mind your P’s & Q’s. Just write for the love of all that’s good in the universe, write! That’s why it’s called, you got it, a Draft.

Put everything down on the page as it comes to you, who the fuck cares if it makes sense, write it down. You have your muse leaping about from point to point, place to place, character to character, who cares, write it down. The sky is pink, orange, green and then blue, who cares, write it down. Are you getting the gist of this now or do I need to go on?

Your first Draft is just that, a Draft. It is not the finished product, it is not what’s going to be published, it is a starting point. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s why after you complete your Draft you then get into Editing. Moving shit around, ensuring everything has proper flow and your characters aren’t hanging from the ceiling fan when they were just in the Draft Final Tablet Means Writing Rewriting And Editingkitchen making an omelet, or there’s suddenly six extra arms along with other body parts in your sex scene.

Yes, there are authors out there who are the Type A personalities who need to keep everything 100% correct throughout the entire book. But I’ll share a secret with you – EVEN THEY CAN FUCK IT UP. Yup, even those authors who have everything planned from A to Z, who know what is going where when, and have been writing longer than their publishing house has been in existence still fuck it up. We’re human. Shit happens. Like them, you too will learn to deal with it. Don’t stress about it.

Write what you have to say down and worry about the particulars later. It’s why every author edits their work before submission, and EVERY author worth their salt has at least one professional editor (ie: someone that’s not spent the last X amount of days going over and over and over the same work) to give it a read through, and provide notes and fixes. Do you think Stephen King or Nora Roberts don’t have editors? Go ahead, ask them, I’ll wait. That’s right, they too have someone from the outside read through their works to look for the things our brains skip over because we, the author, knows how it SHOULD appear. The human brain is a tricky beast and can correct things (word placement, spelling, meaning) without realizing it’s actually doing it on something we’ve read a few dozen or hundred times.

So stop panicking that it’s not perfect, no one’s first Draft is EVER perfect. It’s the starting point, not the end all, be all. Write from the heart and let the brain worry about the fixes later. Just write already!

XO Moira Callahan

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