Just Keep Swimming #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)


Good morning everyone. Happy Saturday. Kacey here, not really bright eye and busy tailed — ever wonder who came up with this quote, because aren’t bunnies the only ones with busy tails? — anyway, that’s a post for another day.

What a satisfying week I had, but it didn’t begin that way.

This week reminded me of the craziness of this business. The ups and downs, emotional roller coaster, the head spinning, never ending tumultuous nut-job that it sometimes is. Here’s a crazy look at the week in the life of an author. Mine, of course. It started off with doldrums and woe-is-me kind of day. I was looking at Amazon way too long because of new releases. Their algorithms are torture and the numbers don’t always move as fast as we’d like to show us that our releases are flying out the virtual doors. The new release, time freezes and a lot of it is spent staring at Amazon rankings when time is better spent writing. But it’s a curse, a sickness so to speak when an author has a new release. And like most authors, who do we confide in when we may not see the numbers decreasing quick – another author. I have many wonderful colleagues, friendships built for years who many I consider BFFs for life. My Monday confidant is an author whom I’ve known about six or seven years and we’ve gone through a lot together and we have that friendship that if she lived nearby, we’d spend a lot of time together. Anyway, she talked me off this ledge I didn’t know I was on, reminded me how this biz works and advice I didn’t really know I was searching for. I’ve been contemplating seeking out another publisher to add to my list, because it’s not the best idea to have all your “eggs in one basket”, and I know this. However, with the state of things in the last couple years, publishers closing, aRe’s screwy and deceitful closing, it’s kind of like walking on eggshells. An author has to tread carefully. We have to really dig deep to consider all the aspects/companies, and who the hell to put our trust in. It has become downright scary in many ways. I don’t trust easily and I’m battling with which publishers remain who I can place it in. My goal is to build my readership, and there are still some publishers who are doing things right and to the best levels they can, but I’m just unsure. My author pal gave me great advice, encouragement and guidance. She’s amazing. Her best advice at the end of the day, as I try to find my way and consider everything…


And then surprisingly, I woke up the next day and slayed some words!! I had a fabulous writing day of 8000 words in one afternoon and the words flowed. I woke up reminded why I love writing and the most important thing I always need to remember … the writing is the most important thing. Get the stories written and the rest will fall in to place. I can’t allow myself to get bogged down in worry and the chaos that sometimes comes with being an author. I love my job, love the process and love the stories I write. The following day was a busy day with other things happening, so just a few words on Wednesday, under 1000 but Thursday was a great day with nearly 4000 words. My WIP is now at 20k! Woot! Which I find is sometimes the hardest number to get to because of the beginning, the intro and/or backstory that has to be there. The set up and, at least for me, the story pretty much takes off after that halfway point for me. I always let the stories tell me what the word count will be, I am an author who doesn’t set that word count ahead of time. I may have a bit of an idea, and if it’s a series title I will consider that the book will be at least as long as previous books, but I never set the word count. I find it allows for better writing. Yesterday was another hectic day and I got some words in my notebook while I was on the go, which sometimes happens, so I don’t know what my count was for yesterday but a couple pages worth. I’ll take it!

In this business we endure many ups and downs and sometimes need the reminders of the good things to carry of through when times are tough. We need to remember why we began writing and simply write because we love it. My week started off in doubt and low self-esteem but thanks to a pal, and to not giving up, the week ended on a serious high note. No one said this business was easy and hey, anything worth having is worth the struggles along with the happy times.

Never give up. Never surrender.

I need to get that on a t-shirt – seven shirts, so I can wear one every day and see the constant reminders. *g*


Until next week,

Happy Writing!

Kacey (2)

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