Raven says—Readers, we love you…

Raven rambles and gives her Thursday thoughts on readers.

Readers, supporters and yeah, detractors.

All important whether you like it or not.words Thank you typography lettering decorative text card

Over the last few weeks, Evernight Publishing have been sending out their Readers choice awards.

Winners of various categories related to writing, all who have been chosen by the readers.

That means so much to any recipient. The fact that people read your books is great without question.

The reviews, good bad or indifferent mean they have invested in your story, and became involved with the characters and the theme. Yes even if it is a DNA (did not finish) They got so involved they decided for whatever reason it wasn’t their cup of tea. Okay sometimes their way of saying so is not exactly polite, but hey ho. Those people’s opinions can be considered, assimilated where needed and then you move on.

But for some one to take the time to vote for you as ‘best in’ is a whole new ball game. After all it is not just your book they are considering. There are several in each category to chose from. To be a winner or rutall-stack-of-books-clipart-tall_stack_of_books_311586nner up in this sort of thing, means people have decided your story is preferred—in their opinion—over the others. More to their taste. Not better, but what they want.

So, not only do they like your voice, they like what you write and are prepared to say so with a vote.

That is fantastic.

It is something to strive for.

And if you get it something to high five yourself about.

So to everyone who has received that recognition, mega congratulations.

And to everyone else. Hopefully there will be another reader’s awards next year…

Happy writing,

Love Raven x




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