Write what you love with @aprilzyon

Today’s post is something that I know we’ve all touched on and it is something that bears repeating over and over again.

Write what you love. 

That’s what ladies and gents. Don’t write whatever the current trend is. Don’t write whatever your publisher is telling you to write. You need to stay true to yourself, to your muse and at the end of the day you have to be happy and proud of the product that you’ve put out because it will have your name on it, no one else’s.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way let’s talk a bit about our elusive and flighty muses, shall we? Those muses of ours are what we need in order to write the books that we write. We need them in tip top shape but sadly (well mine at least) they live on chocolate and wine. Most days mine can be found passed out at the local pub on a pile of chocolate wrappers and Tequila bottles.

Why did I bring her up? Because just like what I said above, you have to write what you love but you also have to feed your muse. I jokingly say she’s a drunk who binges on chocolate but the truth is that I feed her with little things like going new places, people watching, watching reality TV (shush, its my vice!), reading a really good book (I love Stephen King, Dean Koontz, really any mystery, thriller or suspense), and just going out. I love being out of the house. I love simply spending time with myself. I know how strange that sounds but it let’s my mind wander and that gives my muse time to recharge and feeds her. And that in turn allows me to write what I love.

So I guess in short here is my advise….

  • Write for you
    • don’t write for your publisher
    • don’t write for trends
    • don’t write what your editor / publicist is telling you to write
  • Write the things you love 
    • If you love dragons, write dragons
    • If you love vampires, write vampires
    • If you love complex and interesting stories, write them
  • When writing starts to feel like a chore, step back and reevaluate because you aren’t writing for you, or writing what you love
  • Don’t write for the numbers, don’t write for the “best sellers” (even though those are amazing things to shoot for) but write what is in your heart
  • Listen to your readers, they will know if you aren’t writing what you love because they can read it in what you write. Trust me on this one. They know when you are writing what you love vs writing for the trends / etc

In the end, be happy. Being an author is hard work, but you are doing it and you should know that you are doing it well. If you are published that is a monumental feat in and of itself so be proud! I salute you!

Sending you lots of love and hope.

Again, be good to each other and if you see someone struggling, offer to help.

If anyone wants help from me I will always try. Always.


4 thoughts on “Write what you love with @aprilzyon

  1. Writing what you love truly is the best thing ever. Being able to self-publish is freeing. I hope more authors will realize this, too. No, you won’t make thousands of dollars if you aren’t writing to market – it’s been proven over and over again, but if you write what you love, and you aren’t just throwing words on the screen and hitting publish, you’ll gain a readership, you’ll build a catalog, and you’ll find your Writer Tribe.

    Also, glad to know I am not the only one with a drunken muse. She’s been giving some incredible flashes of ideas and more lately, so I’ll just hand over the bottles of Jack and turn the volume up on the music.

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