Not my monkeys, not my circus #SensualSunday @AuthorMoira


Moira here welcoming you to another #SensualSunday post. The title from today’s post happens to be a (day job) coworkers favorite saying. Not entirely sure where it originated from, but it’s been circling about in my brain nearly constantly for quite a while. Roughly since the US Presidential election really got into the swing of things.

Now, this is NOT a political posting, especially since I am Canadian and really can’t say anything on the American political situation. But it brought up other points that are actually valid for today’s post, and actually relate to being an author. Mainly the fact that folks really do need to keep their two cents to themselves unless they are knowledgeable about the situation and/or subject at hand.

Piss off written on a memoToo many people these days are giving into knee jerk reactions on social media. Particularly authors. This is when you post something without taking a moment to think it through, and consider whether you should actually post it. Not saying that if you have something to say that you shouldn’t give voice to it, on your own page (see Raven’s post from Thursday for more on the subject), but could you possibly think before (re)acting? I realize this might be a stretch for some folks, and yes we all can get tied up in the heat of the moment, but you are a damn author. You are a (minor or major) public figure, a role model to some, inspiration to others, so when you speak out of turn and potentially without correct information/facts, think of who it hurts.

YOU! Your good name, your brand, your hard work up to that point, and your legacy — all those stories you’ve written. It doesn’t matter what the subject might be, there will always be cause and effect.

Your readers see you picking a verbal battle for no reason, throwing out insults or who knows what, and wonder when you turned into such a witch. Your fans, followers, and (formerly) potential readers are being shown a side that colors you in a terrible light. This will stick with them for days, weeks, and years to come. For you that is lost revenue. Don’t think it isn’t. Because no matter how eloquently you apologize, no matter how you beg, plead and grovel, they’ve already moved on. They have blacklisted you from their TBR piles, most likely for life.

Worse yet, they’ve shared your diatribe/rant with others. You know the saying that there’s no better publicity than word of mouth? That goes double for bad publicity. Think about it. Good deeds in the news — buried behind the splashy stuff. Bad deeds/fuck-ups in the news — FULL FRONT PAGE COLOR SPREAD. Don’t end up the front page, it’s not dangerous loveworth it for two seconds of a smack down on someone you don’t know beyond social media. The average is, for every person that reads good/bad news they tell ten people, who tell ten people, who tell ten people…see where I’m going here? On social media you can multiply that effect into the hundreds with a single post.

Do the right thing, the grown up thing, and just don’t. I know, it can be tough some days when folks are spouting off about shit for no more reason than to gain fifteen seconds of fame, but you do not need to lower yourself to their levels. You’re an author — make them a villain in your next book and murder them viciously. Oh, and don’t forget to give them props for the inspiration. Be deliciously evil like that.

Remember:  Sometime’s these are not your monkeys, which means this isn’t your circus either. So why would you butt in where you haven’t been invited?

XO Moira Callahan

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