Raven says follow the rules or be a billy-no-mates

Raven rambles, with Thursday thoughts about…Other people’s pleasure. As in—their place their rules.

Lately I’ve seen people moaning about other people’s rules.

Yep I’m on a rant again. Just a mini one but sheesh. Some people need to grow up.

It’s a fact, that in this day and age we sometimes forget we all have our own ideas and opinions about everything. Sometimes these ideas mesh with others, sometimes they don’t.

And there’s the thing. If your ideas are not theirs, there are two basic rules to remember, and follow. One for a host and one for a guest. Forget them at your peril.You’ll be the looser—Billy-no-mates.

Now although I say their place and yours as if we are talking about house guests, this post is about everywhere you go.

So, yes houses, but also blogs, FB pages, twitter, whatever. Anywhere that is personal to someone.

Let’s go guests first. I know as well as anyone people can have unusual ideas on what is acceptable in their ‘place’ and what isn’t. Think people who don’t want you to wear shoes in their home. So, you might not do that in your house, but this isn’t your home it is theirs. So, go by their rules or don’t go at all.

(source of poster…pinterest)


It is the same on all social media sites, web sites and whatever other sites I’ve forgotten. Their site, their rules. Don’t get arsy because someone doesn’t want bare chests or cute animals there. If you do, put them on your own site.

If someone’s blog isn’t 18+ and they request you send an appropriate excerpt, respect that. They will have their reasons.

Remember guests go with what their hosts decree. Or don’t go there. Simple.

As a host you have the option to set your own rules and regulations. And expect people to abide by them. Here you need to grow a thick skin. Be ready for the moans. For people to disagree with you and tell you so in no uncertain terms. But hey it is your site, house whatever and what you say goes. (As long as it’s legal of course) Guests either build a bridge and get over it, or walk on by. Up to them.

And there we have it.

Want to be invited back? Follow the rules.

Happy rule following,

Love Raven x

2 thoughts on “Raven says follow the rules or be a billy-no-mates

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