Don’t be “that” author

You know, its HARD being an author. It really is. Not only do you have to write your book, edit your book, promote your book but you also have to navigate the social media seas and the people that are inside of the seas.

Now there are all sorts of people that we will find inside of these seas, you will find everything from sea slugs to mermaids.

The ones you need to look out for are the sea slugs. The ones who think that they know everything, the ones who think that they know everything and even though they don’t they would open their mouths and say things that are absolutely horrible to people even though they don’t know the first thing about that person. Imagine that.

Case in point. I saw someone post on Facebook about how hard it was to give free eBooks to her readers because of funds. That she needed each sale, which I completely understand!

Well another author commented with a terrible comment telling the author to get a job, but what the person who commented didn’t know about the original posters life which is actually a pretty hard life in and of itself, one that doesn’t allow for her to get an outside job. The person who made the comment didn’t understand why her comment made the person upset and why they wouldn’t talk to them anymore.

Well, hello sea slug, I would be pretty pissed at you too.

So here is a tip for you.

Don’t be Crass.

Don’t be rude.

Don’t assume shit. (assume = making an ASS out of U and ME)

If you don’t know why a person can’t do something, don’t make accusations, don’t infer and for fuck’s sake don’t offer helpful advice.

If you can’t offer constructive (not abusive) help, don’t say anything at all.

If you can’t be a mermaid and HELP (not like the tales of old where they lure sailors to their deaths, I’m talking like Disney (r) mermaids)  then don’t say anything at all.

That’s it folks. I know that it sounds like a blast-y post and I’m sorry for that but I had to get that off my chest.

Hugs and love to you all.

❤ ~ April

Now, how about some beautiful men from Furious Fotog?

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