An Author’s Backlist #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)


Good morning all! We’re welcoming another very cold and blustery day here in Ontario. Brrr! I don’t mind snow periodically but mixed with harsh winds. But winter will pass, hopefully sooner rather than later, and I can bask in the sun … or at least under a shade tree. I am a redhead after all, I don’t bask in the sunshine. *g*

Writing hasn’t come quite as easily the last couple weeks. Been very hectic and had a death in the family so there’s added things there to assist my Mom with. But it reminded me — the importance of an author’s backlist. Or catalogue. Previous releases. Library. Whatever you want to call it, but it’s an author’s older titles that need some loving as well. I use the term “backlist”, as most do, and sometimes those old titles get forgotten, collect dust and can be used to introduce readers to your writing.

One thing I do with the backlist is during Facebook parties/chats, I use the older stuff as prizes. Ebooks are great things to use as prizes since they are quick and easy to give to a reader once the event is over. Plus using older books, it doesn’t affect any loss of sales to a current release.  The backlist titles can also be used as good promotion at your publisher, on Amazon etc. Knocking the price down to free or $0.99 is a good idea to get those old titles moving again as well.

I’m currently in the process of making new promotional graphics for my older titles. Boy, it is very time consuming. For previous titles at Evernight Publishing, we didn’t get the graphic packages we do now since there’s a new cover artist and the company has evolved, so I’m doing my own. I’ll make up media kits — which include blurb, cover / art graphics, buy links, excerpt, my bio — everything pertinent to that title, and will send to various bloggers and such to post about. Plus I’ll use the graphics on FB, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

Showcasing older titles can be very beneficial.  It will keep your name in front of the masses, especially in between new releases. An the author, it is also reminding me of the love I had for each book. Moments of tears or awe when writing it that I have forgotten as time passed and I’ve written more stories. It’s motivated me keep going and get back to the current WIP.

And besides, I don’t like dust. Hate it. So brushing away a bit of it to give my older work some love they haven’t received in a while.


Until next week,

Happy Writing!

Kacey (2)

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