Raven’s ramblings and Thursday thoughts on the delete button

Hi all and welcome to Raven’s Thursday thoughts.

On the delete button.

That’s right. The button that gets rid of all your hard written words. The one I have used to great effect this week.

You see I have used  it a lot this week. Well only once but it deleted a lot. As in I have written 1k and deleted 2.

A few years ago that would have put me into a blue funk. I would have shaken, shrieked and probably moaned and cried.Instead I took it philosophically. It had to be done. Those words were not needed.

I actually didn’t find it hard to do i the end. I knew something was wrong. Then today I accepted the need to get ride of that part of my WIP. It didn’t work.

Whatever anyone says, as an author you know when something is wrong. However much you try to convince yourself it is okay, deep down you know that whatever it is doesn’t work.

So, brace yourself. And delete it.

You know it makes sense. And once you’ve done it for the first time, the next time will be much easier.

Trust me.

And enjoy your writing,

all of it whether you keep it or not,

happy writing,

love, Raven x




One thought on “Raven’s ramblings and Thursday thoughts on the delete button

  1. I applaud you. While I personally hate deleting anything, there are times where *gasp* I have. I am more like to cut and paste into a “this might work somewhere else” file. Just because those words I wrote didn’t work in one place, doesn’t mean they won’t work in another. Regardless, it’s still the hardest thing to do when you know how much effort went into writing those paragraphs.


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